M202 Hack – Nuclear Launcher

M202 Hack – Nuclear Launcher

M202 Hack - Nuclear Launcher

M202 Hack – Nuclear Launcher Tutorial:

The M202 Hack is a modified version of the M202-RR Quad Rocket Launcher. A handcrafted and poorly assembled nuclear launcher that bursts open during launch.

M202 Hack - Nuclear Launcher

Hacked B-83

Specifications:  By cannibalizing the parts of the M202 you can force-shoot one B-83 nuke into the air. A B-83 from the B2 Stealth Bomber but in a smaller version and altered to propel itself, will push its way up if you’re lucky, and hit the target or something else.

In most cases the result is a very unreliable flying nuke that hovers around randomly until it hits.

You can find the crafting recipe HERE.

Use:  This weapon is very imprecise, use with extreme caution because it has a mind of its own and likes to land on top of your head.

Limitation:  The nuclear explosion is not powerful enough to destroy the Objective block, so do not attempt to win the game by firing this monster at close range!


 M202 Hack – Nuclear Launcher


Dragon Turret ADS Tutorial

Dragon Turret ADS Tutorial

New Barricade

Dragon Turret ADS Tutorial

The Dragon is an automatic Flamethrower Turret capable of puncturing player’s armor and killing mobs. It is very fast, accurate and able to predict the target next movement.

Dragon Turret ADS Tutorial

The A.D.S (Automatic Defense System) is a modular tray that supports different turrets models. (For now only the dragon is available). The ADS can be powered up by the Reactor or batteries.

How to set up the Dragon ADS turrets:

The ADS tray can be found in the inventory or crafted. You can place it on the Bastion or any elevated surface to make it more effective. It is also present on the Barricade auto-build structure.


ADS interface

ADS interface


To set up the ADS turrets right click the empty tray to open the GUI.

  • Fill up the construction parts on the 3 slots marked as A on the image above. Place 1 Chip and 2 Weapon Crates.
  • When you place the 3 parts, the weapons names in the menu B will become available showing the team color of the chip used. Blue for sigma and green for omega. Or yellow if no team is present.
  • As soon as you click the weapon’s name, (the Dragon in this case), the 3D of the turret will show on top of the tray on D and the 3 constructing parts will be consumed.
  • By toggling the buttons on C you can select the desired target or combine targets:
    1. The top button Microchip will force the weapon to attack enemy players only.
    2. The one in the middle Player will set the weapon to attack all players. (But you also have to turn off the Microchip button to make it attack all)
    3. The one below makes the weapon to attack Mobs.
  • Fill up the 3 slots on E with the weapons required ammunition.  Use Gas Tanks for the Dragon.
  • Set a Loader close by to automatically refill ammunition and/or batteries.
  • Fill up the 3 slots on F with batteries if the ADS is far from the Reactor or build a Reactor near by to power it up.
  • The light on H will be green only if the ADS are getting powered (by a Reactor or batteries)
  • By moving the range dial on G you can adjust the weapon’s scope to avoid firing at the supporting structure or to limit the weapon’s vision.

Different Automatic Defense System configurations


Stand alone Dragon ADS plus feeding Loader

Dragon Turret ADS Tutorial

The new Barricade features 4 ADS trays

Reactor set inside the Barricade

Dragon Turret ADS Tutorial

Loaders and Reactor set up

Flamethrower Minecraft Mod

Flamethrower Minecraft mod


Hello, This is Rodol.

On this tutorial I’ll explain how to set up the weapon control panel, how to use the Flamethrower, and share a little background about the 3D modeling.


To display the Weapon Control GUI, hold down the R key while the Flamethrower is selected on your hot bar. Using the mouse pointer or mouse wheel you can adjust the rotary knob to 3 different positions.

Weapon Control

Flamethrower modes:

  • Full spread:  (at the far right) shoots a long flame, to reach mobs, do crowd control and grief. It also saves ammunition.
  • Armor piercing:  (at the middle) shoots a medium range flame that pierces thru enemy armor. The amount of damage inflicted to the armor compares to the Tesla. In this setting the weapon spends twice as much ammunition.
  • Melting tool: (at the far left) shoots an intense and very short flame that melts all sorts of blocks, burning thru rock and converting blocks. On this mode the weapon spends three times as much ammunition.

Fuel Tank

  The Flamethrower uses the Fuel Tank as ammunition.


Flamethrower tutorial video

Flamethrower 3D modeling


The Flamethrower is present since Rival Rebels original release, along with the Tesla, the old RPG currently the M202-RR  (Rocket Launcher) and the Nuke.


Original Pixel Art

I designed the new 3D model based on the concept of the original pixel art icon of the weapon, keeping the Burner, Hose, and Gas Tank in place.

Flamethrower Minecraft mod

Flamethrower sketch

I’m giving the model a trigger even thought steve has no fingers. It took me time because the model is too complicated to be plotted by hand, and as the Tesla, I have done it in Blender 3D a great and free application that runs great in Linux Ubuntu that I love.

Flamethrower 3D model render (Blender 3D)

The Flamethrower is a heavy weapon with a very industrial look. The front Burner hides the flame propeller device that injects gas and releases a string of hight pressure fire. Hanging below the weapons body is the gas tank that serves as ammunition. Connected to the top by a hose. Be careful when aiming too close because fire spreads very fast and noobs tend to burn themselves. Recipes for all weapons and ammo can be found on the Weapons tab.


Currently I’m using Blender for modeling and texture mapping. Blender is really cool, and free!


Leave me a Comment, Message or Suggestion HERE.

Tesla Cannon Minecraft mod

Tesla Cannon Minecraft mod


Nikola Tesla’s Secret Weapon

On this tutorial I’ll explain how to set up the weapon control panel, how to use the Tesla Cannon, and share a little background about Nikola Tesla.

The Tesla weapon is often called overpowered by Minecraft players, Modders and Youtubers. :)  It’s original range was 300 blocks, it clears almost all blocks and kills basic mobs in one hit. Well, it still is OP but now its range is adjustable thru the weapon control panel (hold R key), and its power is being matched by the Rival Rebels class armor to balance the PvP game.

Note: Glass, bedrock, Force Fields, Nukes and other devices are immune to the Tesla rays.

Recipes for the weapon and ammo can be found on the Weapons tab.

Tesla Cannon Minecraft mod

Tesla Cannon info

The Tesla is a very retro looking weapon, not really steam punk but kind of an industrial age scrap yard Frankenstein.  The front casing hides the Tesla emitter to project the Rays only forward and protect the user from being fried. But be careful, because if it’s raining or you are inside water that casing does not work. The two car batteries in the back, jump start the Tesla Quantum Energy Generator, in the center of the weapon, where the quantum field is created by the Core below, overcharging energy and spinning faster if the weapon control is set to full electric spread or maximum distance. The Weapon control knob is on the back, right below the two batteries.

By holding the R key in the keyboard while the Tesla is selected, displays the Weapon Control. 

Tesla Cannon Minecraft mod

Weapon Control panel

The  rotary Knob on the GUI allows you to set the weapon in gradual firing steps. By moving the mouse wheel or dragging the knob, the Tesla will change modes as follows:

  • At the far left, a single Ray is projected at maximum range, destroying blocks, (original settings).
  • At the far right, full spread, 8 rays are projected at very close range also destroying blocks.
  • At twelve, in the middle, the weapon projects low intensity rays that kill mobs & players but do not destroy blocks, saving lots of batteries.
  • The steps in between gradually increase or decrease ray number, distance, block destruction and battery consumption.

This new versatility allows the players to defend their base without griefing and saving ammo. Or change the setting to full electric spread, to carve huge holes in the ground. Or to needle to snipe at the B-2 Stealth Bomber



Full res Battery Render

The Batteries also got a new 3D model, currently I’m using Blender for modeling and texture mapping. Blender is really cool, and free! Before I used to plot the 3D by hand straight on the tessellator,  I made many RR models that way, like the Nuke, Tsar bomba shell and mushroom clouds, Loader, Reactor, objectives, Controller, Rod Disk, Plasma Cannon, M202-RR  and the Ein-Sten.


Tesla 3D model sketch idea

I made the original Tesla more than a year ago, for the first release of Rival Rebels 1.4.6 . It was a great endeavor to make those electric rays, I was 12 years old at the time and coding openGL renders was hard but fun. I spent that summer learning  java and trying many different things until I got it right.

Original Texture

Special Thanks to Nikola Tesla for sharing his dreams with me and letting me borrow his Teleforce, Quantum Energy Generator and Coil technology to transmit electricity thru thin air!!

Nikola Tesla (Serbian Cyrillic: Никола Тесла; 10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943)

A photograph image of Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) at age 34, by Napoleon Sarony.

He was born on a Serbian family in what was known as the Austro Hungarian Empire at the time, today’s Croatia.  At school, Tesla was able to perform integral calculus in his head, which made his teachers believe that he was cheating. He survived cholera. He escaped from the military draft to the mountains and survived in the wild. He studied in Austria and moved to the US.  :)

More about Nikola Tesla here:


Nikola Tesla patent No. 511,916 , “Electric Generator”, January 2, 1894

Current Quantum Energy Generator Open Source Project

Nikola Tesla in his laboratory

I’d  love to have a laboratory like that!



Tesla Electrode Technology at work

On the Rival Rebels Reactor I combined the Tesla power distribution with the ToKaMaK fusion’s power production.

Tutorial: How to Build the ToKaMaK Reactor here.




I made the video to share my progress (some features were incomplete at the time).



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Base Defense Tutorial Rival Rebels Minecraft mod

Base Defenses Tutorial Rival Rebels Minecraft mod

On this tutorial I’ll explain how to set up the Primary Defense line of your base, how to use the Bastion walls, Force-Field Emitters & the ToKaMaK Reactor, and how the Reactive block works.


Note: At the moment, this feature is only present in RR version 1.6.4Q.

When you play Rival Rebels on Single Player, LAN game or Server with the Automatic battle System in place (by using the game starter block), two team platforms are automatically constructed. Your mission is to defend your objective while trying to nuke the enemy’s. For that purpose I added the Base Defense System.
The Force Fields are the primary line of defense, to protect the perimeter from ground attacks by locking out the area, shielding and bouncing back all weapon fire
Recipes for the defense system components can be found on the Structures and on the Devices tabs.

How to Set up Rival Rebels primary defenses.

  1. Place the Bastion Crate auto-build block on the platform and use the pliers to deploy the structure.  If you choose to build on top of one of the Conduit blocks on the floor, the Force Field length will perfectly meet the other bastion.


    Bastion Autobuild Crate

  2. Bastions are hollow, but very resistant against attacks due to the special properties of the Reactive block. The shape of the structure is designed to accommodate one ADS (Automatic Defense System)  on each side. ADS get the orientation from the conduit block inside the Bastion. More ADS types will be added on next updates of the mod.


    Bastion Structure

  3. The Reactive block properties:
    • Ability to regenerate when is powered up by the ToKaMaK Reactor.
    • It does not get moved by rockets or other explosions.
    • It is resistant to regular TNT.
    • In the event of a Nuclear Explosion it will be wiped out by the nuclear blast only if the Objective is destroyed in the process, meaning that if a nuke fails to catch the objective on its  killing zone radius, the reactive blocks will take damage but remain after the blast.
    • It can be mined with the Sapper Shovel and stacked, making it perfect to build sophisticated bases.


    Reactive Block

  4. To build the Reactor pile up two Supply Crates and use the Pliers on the top one until the progress reaches 100% .


    Building the ToKaMaK

  5. The Reactor generates power inside the ToKaMaK chamber, thru magnetically stabilized fusion and has the ability to transmit the output electricity thru thin air employing the Nikola Tesla coil on the back of the unit. The coil arches the electricity to supply Machines and Reactive blocks in reach distance.
  6. Depending on the power consumption of the unit the electricity arc will change from very faint to withe solid and wider.
  7. The ToKaMaK  accepts 3 types of cores and 3 types of energy sources. 
    • Nuclear Rods: Powerful but very unstable, prone to random overheating that leads to meltdown.
    • Redstone Rods: Efficient and reliable but brief and expensive. It will run out without compromising the core.
    • Hydrogen Rods: short and cheep, likely to overheat and meltdown only upon depletion.


      Cores and Rods

  8. The 3 Cores are: 
      • The Copper Core (Cu-Core) is the basic type and the cheapest. In heavy use conditions is the most vulnerable to overheating and dangerous meltdowns. 75% of the energy contained in the Rod is wasted in the process of producing power.
      • The Tungsten Core (W-Core) is 50% efficient converting energy to power and preventing heat waste. Half of the energy on the Rod is wasted during conversion.
      • The Titanium Core (Ti-Core) is the top of the line, the most expensive and reliable in high demand situations. It is very efficient, 100% of the energy of the Rod is transformed to power reducing chances of overheating.


    ToKaMaK Reactor

  9. The Reactor GUI has 3 sections:  
    • The ToKaMaK torus chamber, were the stable plasma equilibrium occurs. The fusion sphere varies in size and color depending on the state, load and energy source.
    • The ToKaMaK Control panel: From left to right, the On-Off  (blue button), to start up the ToKaMaK fusion. The Energy slot to load the source rod. The Core slot, to install the Core type. And the emergency Jettison (red button), your last resource to prevent meltdown when the machine locks up due to overheating.
    • The Device target selector, a vertical scroll list on the right hand displays the different machine types to prioritize which devices should receive electricity from the reactor. (not finish yet!)


  10. When the Reactor is in critical condition a message will display, follow by the sound alarm and smoke, warning the players to solve the problem.
  11. The emergency states are: 
    • Energy Source is Depleted. When the energy Rod on the ToKaMaK runs out, the slot has to be replenished or the reactor has to be turned off. The Loader device has the ability to feed energy Rods from it’s inventory but if the Reactor is running empty, the ToKaMaK GUI has to be accessed.
    • The Core is Overheating due to excessive load, bad performance or a depleted source, the Core burns up. Only the Redstone Rods prevent critical overheating by automatically shouting down the Reactor upon depletion.
    • Imminent Meltdown, the device run empty for a wile until the heat gets critical locking out the reactor. In this case the Jettison button is your last option to avoid disaster.
    • Ejected Core On the event the core was ejected successfully in time, a fresh energy Rod has to be loaded to the slot before the Core is set back to reinitiate the ToKaMaK.
    • Meltdown, in which the Reactor steams out, burns and bursts. In that case, run for cover!!


    Rodol connecting the Loader to the Reactor

  12. By placing the Loader at five blocks strait of the Reactor the automatic connection tube will deploy. This way the Loader will feed any energy Rods on it’s inventory into the ToKaMak Chamber upon depletion and send the empty Rods back to the Loader.
  13. Many Loaders can be chain up within the five block distance around the Reactor to ensure large supplies of energy rods.


    Emitter (Force Field Projector)

  14. The Emitter projects an energy Force Field that acts like a see thru wall, bouncing back and deflecting projectiles and weapons’ fire.
  15. A Reactor must be active nearby in order to make it work. When a new Emitter is placed the minimal internal charge projects an invisible FF that will decay until it is power up by the reactor.
  16. When the Emitter is placed, at the far end of the FF wall a Reactive Block is automatically set to close the gap on the next Bastion, preventing the overlapping of FF that cause malfunctions.

    Force Field Emitter

  17. Emitters have to be placed against the conduit block to get the right orientation from the Bastion.
  18. If you put the Bastion too close to each other, when the Emitter is placed the FF will clears up its path breaking the structure.
  19. The FF length is 35 blocks. To place the Bastions at the perfect distance on the objective platform, use the conduit blocks at the far end of the circle as markers where to build.
  20. If you have a perfect square shaped Force Field place only one Emitter  on each Bastion, and the Reactor has to be on the very middle to reach and power the 4 Emitters.


    The microchip is like a key

  21. To pass thru the Force Field right click the Emitters with the Chip.  This way the Team Security System is activated allowing you and your team mates to transit thru the Force Field. Each Emitter gets owned by the first player to click it, so be sure you click them all or your enemies will.
  22. In Russian ToKaMak is an acronym of “тороидальная камера с магнитными катушками” (toroidal chamber with magnetic coils) The tokamak was invented in the 1950s by Igor Tamm and Andrei Sakharov, inspired by Oleg Lavrentiev’s idea. To learn more click Here
  23. Base Defense Tutorial Rival Rebels Minecraft mod. To talk about the mechanics of the defense features please use this Forum Topic.
  24. Tutorial: How to use the Tesla Cannon in Minecraft here.



I made the video to share my progress (some features were incomplete at the time).



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B2 Spirit stealth bomber Tutorial Rival Rebels Minecraft Mod

B2 Spirit stealth bomber Tutorial Rival Rebels Minecraft Mod

On this tutorial I’ll explain how to operate the Controller laptop, the LTD -RR laser target designator and how to successfully bomb the target.

The Controller is a mobile Command Post that signals for battle assistance. The Tasks or missions are virtually set up on its screen until the attack coordinates are transmitted to the remote forces. With the LTD-RR unit, the target coordinates you picked gets transmitted to the controller to initiate the Tactical Task.

The B83 Tactical Nuke explosion is small. It is meant to be used on a military situation without compromising your own assets.

If the airplane is diverted or shot down before the drop is made effective, it’s load will be lost and subtracted from the task amounts.
Recipes can be found on the Devices tab.


B-2 Stealth Bomber and B83 Tactical Nuke drop

How to successfully bomb your target

  1. Use the Controller (laptop) to set up the air support. At the moment the only available mission is the Tactical Nuke (TN) task using the B-83 nuclear bomb 
    B2 Spirit stealth bomber Tutorial Rival Rebels Minecraft Mod

    B83 Nuke shockwave


  2. Start by setting up the B-2 bomber placing the 4 Chips on the plane schematics. When ready, the light above the dispatcher’s button will get solid green.

    Controller Interface : Tactical Nuke


  3. Then you have to set up the load. Fill up the nuclear & hydrogen chambers with Rods. Only the right item will fit the slot. Place 1, 2 or 3 of each Rods to get 1, 2 or 3 air strikes. Also place the nuclear bomb parts: 2 Nuke Crates, 1 Antennae & 1 Plastic Explosive to set the B-83 nuke.  When ready, the dispatcher button will be armed showing a green crosshair.
  4. By pressing the dispatcher button the TN task amount will display on the Controller’s GUI and on the LTD’s GUI.

    Laser Target Designator


  5. The LTD is a high precision Laser Target Designator that serves as binoculars, to zoom in (with the mouse wheel), and to pick target coordinates on the map. It also displays the amount and kind of tasks available, & let’s you call for an air strike.

    LTD-RR View Finder


  6. To access any Task the LTD has to be in close proximity to an armed controller. If you step out of range the Task icon at the right bottom of your visor will fade out & instead  a CONTROLLER OUT OF RANGE warning will display in yellow. 
  7. In order to successfully bomb, pick up the coordinates at not less than 20 blocks from your actual position. If is too close (compromising you and the controller), a NO warning message will display in red.
  8. Also, if the target is farther than 130 blocks an OUT OF RANGE warning will display in red.
  9. When you left-click within range (or using the R key for one button Macs), a TARGET ACQUIRED warning will display & the B-2 bomber will fly by above your head to drop the nuke on the acquired target. 
  10. Only from versions 1.7.10E and up you can force the B2 Bomber to drop all available nukes in the same pass. To do that hold down the “shift” key while Acquiring the Target.
  11. The LTD visor also displays the distance to the target in meters, cardinal points, pointed coordinates & ground type.

    B2-Stealth Bomber Down


  12. A Radiological alarm is automatically broadcasted to all players to warn them about the incoming strike.
  13. The air strike can be prevented by the defending team.
  14. Attacking the B-2 primarily with the Ein-Sten laser & or with the Tesla will shot down and destroy the bomber.
  15. Diverting the plane or the nuke is possible by using the Plasma Cannon.
  16. The attack round is very brief & stealth so all defenders should join efforts to shot down the attacker.

    B2 Spirit stealth bomber Tutorial Rival Rebels Minecraft Mod

    B-2 Stealth Bomber Attacked by Ein-Sten ground fire

  17. The attacker’s controller also can be targeted to prevent further incursions. If destroyed or moved by the M202-RR rockets or the Plasma Cannon’s bubble the 4 microchips will be lost.
  18. Chips (microchips) are very expensive on a PVP game because the recipe is hard & only one is given to the player, nor the less the B-2 requires 4.
  19. Plane debris can be destroyed.
  20. Note: By holding the B key and using the mouse wheel, when the LTD is selected on the hot bar, the super zoom is activated.
  21. Note 2: the LTD left click or R key (to pick a target on a Mac) and also the B key, can be turn off by editing the RR config file and setting each value to false.






I made the video when the features were not finished, just to share my progress.



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Ein-Sten Laser Weapon Minecraft Mod

Ein-Sten Laser Weapon Minecraft Mod

Ein stein is not op. It is über… (Zach Fellows )

Ein-Sten Laser Weapon Minecraft Mod

Ein-Sten Laser Weapon Minecraft Mod

I’m Rodol Phito the author of Rival Rebels mod.

In this Tutorial  I explain how to use the Ein-Sten “mob’s fragmentation laser”.

I named it Ein-Sten in honor of Albert Einstein, As a tribute to his 1917 original quantum laser theory (more links below), combined with the Sten, a British practical machine gun from the same period. 

The weapon holds the power of the Redstone Rods, that it uses as ammunition, to destroy mobs and players by tearing the bodies apart like lego pieces. Please note the laser cannon is a short range, crowd control type of weapon that dismembers Zombies, Creepers, Endermen, Skeletons, Ghasts, Zombie Pigmen, Slimes, Witches, Magma Cubes, etc. etc. but NOT animals. This weapon only hurts hostile mobs, even from other mods as long as they are not animals.



Ein-Sten Laser Weapon Minecraft Mod

The weapon has a highly advanced in-hand render, and shows best at NIGHT/DARK. This is because the contrast becomes greater, and the red in the energy barrel stands out against the darkness. Also note the animated reloading mechanism, and how the redstone rods in the inventory get depleted when used in survival mode.

In addition, the Ein-Sten also detonates explosives such as TNT, Time Bombs, C4 Plastic Explosive charges and it works great against the B2 Stealth bomber.



B-2 Stealth Bomber shot down by Ein-Sten Fire

Tutorial: How to build and set up the B2 Stealth Bomber in Minecraft


Fragmented Zombie

Fragmented Ghast

Click here to learn more about Albert Einstein’s original 1917 Quantum Laser and Maser theory.

Albert Einstein 1921. Big Lol in the board :)



Tricks, Trucos, Tрюки, Truques #2

The video explain a series of tricks by combining different features of the mod.





Ein-Sten Laser Weapon Minecraft Mod

Is available since RR version 1.6.2H. But you can find all versions of the mod HERE.


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How to build the Tsar Bomb Minecraft

How to build the Tsar Bomb Minecraft

On this tutorial I show how to craft, build, load, set up and detonate the Tsar Bomba in Rival Rebels mod for Minecraft.

The Tsar bomba is a huge nuke that makes little lag while exploding, and changes size according to the amount of rods placed in its inventory. So for limited computer systems you could load a smaller charge that will dig the crater in smaller chunks preventing freezes.


How to build the Tsar Bomba (The chip is not shown)





How to build the Tsar Bomb Minecraft

  1. For a full Tsar you need the following items: 4 Nuke tops, 4 Nuke bottoms, 1 Fuse, 2 Antennae, 1 Time Bomb,  8 Hydrogen Rods, 8 Nuclear Rods, 1 Chip, 1 set of Pliers,  and lots of courage.

    The Tsar Bomb is present on all RR Mod versions since 1.5.2G. You can find them all  HERE.

  2. Start by piling 8 crates,  4 Nuke Tops and 4 Nuke Bottoms on a ‘wall’ shape.

    Wall Shape

  3. Then using the pliers click on the top front one (only) and you will get the nuke shell.
    How to build the Tsar bomba

    Access hatch

  4. Click the nuke shell at the center, on the circular access latch to open the bomb’s interface (GUI).
    Minecraft Nuclear Bomb

    The amount of rods allow smaller explosions for small PCs

  5. Now you have to set all the components into the right places, the Fuse and 2 Antennae at the front, Timed Bomb at the bottom and an equal amount of Nuclear and Hydrogen Rods to each chamber (green for the nuclear and blue for the hydrogen rods).



  6. Also since RR version 1.6.4H a microchip or Chip has to be placed on the lower slot. The Chip will prevent self-nuking in a Battle Mode Game. (Means: Blowing up your own team objective in a a PvP game). This feature also broadcast the Traitor attempt warning all players.  Tutorial: How to set RR for Battle Mode Game.

    Tsar bomb Minecraft

    To craft the different pieces of the bomb please check the wiki HERE.

  7. When all requirements are met, the bomb gets armed and the countdown starts.  Note: The amount on the load will affect the explosion and mushroom cloud size.
  8. If the amount of Nuclear and Hydrogen Rods are not the same the UNBALANCED warning will display.

    Tsar bomba fireball

  9. If the computer lags during the explosion, the Mushroom Cloud will not render. Only the shock wave and the fire ball will display. If that’s the case lower the load on the bomb and try again.

    Tsar bomba cloud’s neck and crater

  10. The crater features the Scorched Stone and Petrified Wood, two very radioactive and harmful blocks, that will drain your health while walking on them. The explosion petrifies trees in place.

    The Tsar is a surface bomb that scorches a huge area.

  11. Happy nuking!



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Plasma Cannon Minecraft mod

Plasma Cannon Minecraft mod


First 3D weapon in RR mod

On this tutorial I’ll explain how to use the Plasma Cannon, and share a little background about it.

Plasma Cannon Minecraft mod

Plasma Cannon Minecraft mod


The Plasma Cannon acts like a kinetic weapon that causes indirect damage with out breaking blocks, making it the weapon of choice to defend you base or to disperse big crowds. The explosion or plasma bubble quickly expands sending your opponents thru the air and inflicting massive fall damage. The plasma projectile’s range can reach up to 150 blocks when overcharged by holding the trigger before firing. Also rapid firing is possible by spamming the trigger when attacking close targets.


Plasma Cannon Minecraft mod

Plasma Cannon Minecraft mod


The Plasma Cannon requires some practice on the aiming to successfully toss mobs and players. Short mobs are always the harder to pick up. A good method is to aim at the ground next to the mobs feet, to give room for the growing plasma bubble to catch them up. Keep in mimd that grass, tall grass and snow interfere with the kinetic action, minimizing the push. The Plasma Cannon spends Hydrogen Rods as ammunition, and leaves an empty rod upon depletion .


Hydrogen Rod


Recipes for all weapons and ammo can be found on the Weapons tab.

GLITCH ALERT: If you make a modded Server, the Minecraft moving too quickly anti hack (wanna be) will GLITCH the Plasma Bubble and the Jump Block when tossing players up in the air, lagging the player and the server console. To fix the issue please download and install the RR server patch. More information HERE.



The Plasma Cannon is a light weapon with a very futuristic and cool looking. The front casing hides the MARAUDER device that releases the pulse of magnetically contained plasma. But be careful when aiming too close because it’s blast will push you backward very hard. On the other hand that makes it perfect to rocket jumping. 


First Plasma Cannon texture at developing time (Originally publicized on January 25, 2013)


The Plasma Cannon 3D model was the first hand held 3D I made for Rival Rebels. At that time I plotted the vertices straight to the tessellator.  The picture above shows the ugly test texture I made during developing of the plasma projectile, the bubble and explosion system. Probably because of that ugly texture I made the 3D model for this weapon (because it was so ugly).

Currently I’m using Blender for modeling and texture mapping. Blender is really cool, and free!


Plasma Cannon Minecraft mod 

On the video Roda and me showcase the Plasma Cannon and the Rod Disk password rank system



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Automatic Battle System Rival Rebels Minecraft Mod

Automatic Battle System Rival Rebels Minecraft Mod.

On this tutorial I’ll explain how to play in Battle Mode & set up the Automatic Battle System. How to use Team & Class Selector interface, and how the battle rounds works.


Automatic Battle mode Rival Rebels Minecraft Mod

When you join a Rival Rebels Server or LAN game you start in a dome in the sky, ready to select a team to join for the battle.

Your mission in the game is to destroy the other team objective wile protecting yours. In order to win the battle, your team must destroy the adversary’s objective by detonating or dropping a Nuclear Bomb, Tsar Bomba or B83 Tactical Nuke.

The Sigma & Omega objectives are indestructible by any other means, and only one of each can be present on any map.

Recipes for the nuke parts can be found on the Explosives tab of this site.


How to Play in Battle Mode & how to set up Rival Rebels automatic battle rounds.

  1. Place the Game Starter Block in the map, switch to survival mode and using the pliers, construct until the RR battle system is set up (older versions require to break the crate). RR mod will generate the Sky Dome and two circular platforms . On the center of each it will lay the objective as shown on the top image. Omega to the East, and Sigma to the west of the Dome. At “round end” a new Dome and objectives platforms will be generated to the South for the next battle. Since RR version 1.6.4K you can use the command /rrstartround  instead of using the Game Starter block, or after the round was stopped by the /rrstopround command . Click here for detailed instructions on how to set up your own server.
  2. Every time the players gets killed in Single Player, LAN (local area network) or Server, they spawn at the Sky Dome and are prompted with the RR selector GUI (game user interface). RR automatically sets the game to keep inventory items.


    Server Lobbie


    • Customizable Server Info: This GUI allows the server owner to add detailled information through the motd.txt file inside /mods/RivalRebels/Spawn, the information added will show for all clients on the top window of the GUI. This way special rules can be explained to the players.
    • Player’s Info: The middle window will show statistics of the player , not yet added.
    • Team Win Counts: The lower two windows separate the players in Omega and Sigma teams spotting the selected class in a color code.
    • Player Class Selector: The class button opens the Classes GUI, where the player selects his specialty.
    • Players Class Reset: The reset button clears the player class and allows to change it two times within the same battle.
    • Team Player’s List: Show all player’s usernames (by team) since last server’s boot.
    • Player Team Selector: The two small boxes at the very bottom, will show the number of wins of each team on that map.


  3. When the Class button is pressed you can cycle thru the different classes. Each class shows a short description, team value, and item kits. By pressing the Ready button the class is set and the GUI moves to the team selector.

    Rebel class – Nuker class – Intel class- Hacker class


  4. By pressing the Omega or Sigma button the the player joins a team and gets teleported to its base (objective platform). Building defenses and traps is a good way to start. 

    Platform Base defense


  5. When one detonates or drops a Nuclear bomb in the proximity of the opponents base, and the objective gets destroyed, a victor team is broadcasted to all players.
    Automatic Battle System Rival Rebels Minecraft Mod

    Killed from above


  6. To successfully destroy a team objective, the nuke has to find the objective within the killing zone. The size of the killing zone radius depends on the amount of rods on the nuke’s load. (The bigger or closer the better).

    Team Omega Wins


  7. Seconds later the Battle Over GUI prompts all players to choose to start a new round or to wait a few minutes. (The round can be completely halted by an admin by using the /roundstop command preventing the ‘next battle window’ to show again) 

    Battle Over


  8. If the majority of players click the YES button, a new Sky Dome and team platforms will get generated south of the previous location to start a new battle round.
  9. Join the Rival Rebels Battle Mode Servers! ip address in here.

    Automatic Battle System Rival Rebels Minecraft Mod


  10. Automatic Battle System Rival Rebels Minecraft Mod. Old versions of RR mode feature differences on the mechanics of this system.


Rival Rebels custom Commands

Op commands:

  • /rrreset all –  deletes all the team files and all the resets counts.
  • /rrreset < player name > – deletes the given player’s team files and reset counts.
  • /rrstopround stops the battle round, preventing the ‘next battle window’ to show again.
  • /rrstartround starts the battle round without the need of placing the Game Starter block or if the round was stopped.
  • /rrreset wincount resets the teams battle victories count to zero.
  • /rrinspect < player name > – prints out the given player mod list.

Player commands:

  • /killme – Kills the player.
  • /rr < password > – Allows the player to enter a Rod-Disk rank’s password.
  • /rr < password > + < player name > – Allows the password holder to set a rank to other logged players.


Rival Rebels Server’s Rules

Battle Mode Rules for Players and Admins


Player behavior / Admin response


  • In the RR server light trolling and griefing is allowed against your enemy.
  • Team Killing and Self Nuking is considered griefing the game. So don’t do it!!
  • Light profanity is tolerated but not welcome.
  • Spamming the chat, using fly hacks, bullying players, advertising servers IPs, hate speech, or racist comments are strictly forbidden!!
  • In the case any of the above happens, the Admin will first warn the player, second threaten them with the appropriate measures, and if they do not comply, kick the player and report them to the HA (Head Admin) or higher ranking officer for a permanent ban. (Racism or Hate speech get only one warning).
  • Admins have the ability to inspect any player and display cheat mods or hacks. If you do have cheats, please remove them before you joint any RR server. Failure to do so will result in a temporary ban. (You can appeal bans on this forum topic)
  • Abuse Reports: In case no RR Admins are present at the time of an incident, any player can file a report on the RR forum and the necessary action will be taken.
  • Please use this forum topic to report any form of RR server abuse, from Players or Admins. (I take this very seriously)


RR Admin conduct / technical requirements


  • Knows how to take / post a screenshot to make a report on the RR forum.
  • Banning reports, the RR Admins will attach a screenshots of the issue, comments or infraction, in the RR forum. The report will show the justification for the measure
  • Knows all the RR server / user custom commands. (8 at the moment)
  • Knows how to place the gamestarter or the round start command and how to reset players and rounds
  • Knows the recipes described on the Structures, Weapons and Devices tabs of this site
  • Knows the mod tricks and secrets shown on the Rodol Phito channel videos
  • Can stop the current battle round under his criteria or by the players request, but if so, a new game-starter or round start command has to be executed before leaving the server (Always leave the server in battle mode)
  • Will contact me ASAP if the server is underperforming or bugged
  • Should pass me the information and details if a player reports game glitches, providing a crash report, if applicable and whenever is possible.
  • Should never op other players or deop other admins.
  • Should never ban without filling a report or without Head Admin authorization.
  • Should never interfere with the battle by TELEPORTING the players away or to the Admin location. Do not spawn items that will interfere with the normal course of a battle, do not spawn items for other players either or empty the players inventories.
  • I also expect from the RR server Admin to have fun, be a respectful host, and not abuse Admin powers.  Note:  If you playing in creative mode, stay away from the battle zone, and do not lag the server by going too far on the map, spawning excessive nukes, projectiles, explosives or mobs that will ruin the game for everyone. Be fair to other players.
  • The Admin is a representative that teaches other players, spreads the game, keeping a good first impression of the server and the mod.
  • To learn how to apply as RR server Admin please use RR Server Officer Information Links.



Thank you!!

I made the video when the features were not finished, just to share my progress.



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