The Dark Matter Drive Rival Rebels Multiplayer Game

The Dark Matter Drive Rival Rebels Multiplayer Game. The RR DMD is the first version of the independent game, developed by Rodol Phito, author of the Rival Rebels mod.

NEW Rival Rebels Game Development Video Log

As you probably already know by now, I’m currently developing Rival Rebels Full Game, an independent, standalone, massively multiplayer game. That’s right, after modding since I was twelve, I’m moving forward and putting these last five years of experience to create the best multi-platform badass game ever! The Dark Matter Drive will be the first version of Rival Rebels Game. If you want to keep up to date with the making of the Rival Rebels Game, please subscribe to my YouTube channels and join us here at the Rival Rebels Forums.

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Dark Matter Drive Rival Rebels Multiplayer Game:

Description: MMO


Release: NO DATE SET


Condition: RUNNING

Looking: AWESOME

Ordeal level: MEDIUM

Done Scenes: ONE

Game Engine: UNITY


Dark Matter Drive Rival Rebels Multiplayer Game
Get the RR DMD game HD high quality image logo if you want to set it as your desktop Wallpaper :)


Rival Rebels: The Dark Matter Drive Game development Second Channel

On my second YouTube channel I will vlog about the making of the Rival Rebels Game. Additionally, I will go into depth with the technical stuff, coding, and the struggle to create a fully independent game. So, please subscribe if you want more of this!
Disclaimer: The footage of my experimental projects does not represent the final gameplay of Rival Rebels: the Dark Matter Drive.

Especially relevant, my cat is an expert dancer. Also, I wear a cosmic hat. Consequently, I need to wear cosmic shades.


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