• Blu: But i am gonna announce another project dealing with UATG at 5:30 PM est West coast 2:30 PM stay tuned!!
  • Bal: Okay
  • Blu: Ballistic I noticed you have HBMS mod and another mod on and, well I'm not gonna join your server anytime soon if not anymore cause the both mods keep stressing me out there is a lot of good admins there that i wanna deal with and i can't.
  • Bal: what ya mean?
  • Blu: Do you think i can deal with those good o' admins? :P
  • Blu: your server has 2 different mods that i don't have and a lot of good admins come to your server and i wanted to explain to them the UATG stuff.
  • Blu: and so its not a problem or excuse I'm causing its just if you have 2 mods like that then i can't join surprisingly i don't want to get those mods cause I'm too lazy.
  • Bal: what do u mean by "good admins"
  • Bal: why are all the same
  • Bal: we*
  • Bal: i meant we are all good
  • una: pauwg you need to stop thinking HBM is a virus it is not because rodol trusts him and would rodol lie to you so just try to trust
  • una: ok I was able to convert the map over to non hbm you are lucky that I care about UATG and you that much luckly I do
  • una: also HBM is not a virus ask rodol
  • Blu: Unamix did i say HBMS mod is a virus??
  • Blu: Please i do not want to download anymore mods myself or with the help period!
  • Blu: Okay I'm sorry
  • Blu: Im sorry i kinda overreacted by accident i also didn't mean to put the exclamation mark so I'm sorry Unamix i didn't want to hurt your feelings that way. do you forgive me?
  • Tan: What mods are being run on rodols server?
  • Kla: um whats with the whitelist and why am I not on it
  • Kla: im an admin and im not whitelisted?
  • Kla: no seriously who whitelisted the server
  • Tan: theyre recording
  • Tan: a new RR series
  • Kla: well dang I wouldve liked to be in it
  • Tan: me too
  • Tan: you would have figured there would be a post about it
  • Kla: ikr
  • Kla: even then youd think the staff would be whitelisted
  • Tan: i thin they dont want others on for the recording
  • Tan: so they dont have people getting in the way
  • Kla: im staff and they wont let me on i mean come on i was in the other rr series
  • Tan: is Balistic turtles server up?
  • Tan: i made some of the skins for the RR series
  • Tan: I was in a few and made some of the skins
  • Kla: whatever version of HBMs mod they are running i cant find it
  • Tan: I made some really cool new ones but i think rodol has something else in mind
  • Tan: its on curse
  • Tan: he might be releasing one todat as the last time he updated was in january
  • Tan: today*
  • Kla: yeah hes runnin an unreleased version
  • Tan: make sense, hes been doing a lot with the mod lately
  • Kla: hm
  • Blu: Im also sad i couldn't join the whitelist idk why we all couldn't join just to help rodol more.. :/
  • Kla: ikr
  • Tan: he'll probably make a topic and invite who evers on in a while
  • Tan: gtg
  • Kla: kk
  • Rod: kla, you need to get hbm beta
  • Rod:
  • Bal: rodol
  • Bal: i have a question
  • Bal: hi unamix
  • una: hmb I just want to appologise for making your mod look bad I did not mean to I just wanted to convince pauwg that your mod was not a virus
  • Blu: Unamix Seriously??!
  • una: come on my server I will meat you there
  • una: did you guys crash my server
  • Bal: i didn't
  • Bal: i was just strolling around and then i crashed
  • una: ╭∩╮(ಠ۝ಠ)╭∩╮
  • una: any way it's back up now
  • una: pauwg where are you I am getting worried ┌(˵༎ຶ ل͟ ༎ຶ˵)┐
  • Tan: sup
  • Bal: someone please come on unamix's server with me
  • Blu: Okay.
  • Blu: Don't worry guys I'm coming back ໒( ͡ᵔ ▾ ͡ᵔ )७
  • Bal: User, don't reset the map
  • Bal: just restart the server
  • Bal: Noo
  • Bal: i'm alone again
  • Bal: well
  • Kla: I cant log into server. it says critical error or whatever and terminates the connection
  • Blu: Klaus this is really true? Well dude sadly i don't know what to do and i can't fix it sorry but thanks for warning us. I'm sorry klaus ಠ╭╮ಠ
  • Kla: it was hbms mod causing the crash on my side
  • Kla: I removed it and it works again
  • Blu: Okay good! ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ
  • Blu: -\ಥ﹏ಥ/-
  • Blu: Ballistic Yo th@re?
  • una: pauwg mind if I also add the enderIO mod to the server when we are done it has really cool lights that use RF and would look great in my factory
  • Bal: yes Pauwg
  • Bal: unamix, Pauwg might not mind, but others probally will.
  • Bal: also, Pauwg, isn't "Pauwg" an acronym for something?
  • Blu: EnderOI?
  • Blu: Guys i didn't want to keep you busy in the first place. \\ಥ_ಥ//
  • Bal: not sure, also pauwg, i don't wanna be an owner
  • Bal: Pauwg, isn't "Pauwg" an acronym?
  • Blu: EnderOI of course is allowed on Unamix's server but would i be busy on the UATG? Oh yes yes yes but you may be allowed Userpad but not exactly ᕙ 凸 凸 ᕗ ┌┐
  • Blu: lol wrong emoji i made x_x
  • Bal: Pauwg
  • Bal: Isn't "Pauwg" an acronym?
  • Blu: Guys now i need your help for the UATG building please come on Unamix's server at 6:30 PM est i got this all ready and i still need people -\ಠ⌣ಠ/-
  • Blu: Also what is a acronym??
  • Bal: umm
  • Bal: liek this
  • Bal: H.A.C
  • Bal: or HAAC
  • Bal: HAC*
  • Bal: Home access center
  • Blu: ???! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Bal: Home Access Center
  • Bal: x/
  • Blu: Dude why do i have to look at that? -\(ᐛ)/-
  • Blu: --\\(ᐛ)//-- I'm waiting...
  • Bal: Pauw
  • Blu: Any word? -\ಠ_ಠ/-
  • Bal: I'm asking how did u get the name "Pauwg"
  • Blu: Classified no more information about my name ᕙಠ_ಠᕗ
  • Blu: Plus it took me a little time to make that emoji...
  • Bal: ? whatevs
  • Blu: Pff well sure… -\(ง'̀-'́)/-
  • Blu: Okay I'm gonna go now cya on Unamix's server at 6:30 PM
  • Bal: ok
  • Bal: i'm on unamix's server
  • Bal: it's 6:30
  • Bal: 6:40*
  • Blu: Im here..
  • Blu: Serious?
  • Blu: Your AFK?
  • Blu: ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ
  • Bal: Yo Onim

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