• Bal: ok
  • Bal: Hey dude
  • Bal: it's fine
  • Fla: Rodols server isn't up put up yours.
  • Bal: they are most likely getting punished
  • Fla: Who's they?
  • Bal: Michal and Pryo
  • Bal: Don't you remember what luke or alex said?
  • Fla: i woulden't say Michal,..
  • Bal: ok well Pyro then
  • Fla: And yes i remember what Alex and Lukep said..
  • Bal: ok it's up
  • Bal: my sever
  • Bal: server
  • Fla: They said any attacks on Pauwg would result in punishment. :)
  • Bal: so are you staying or no?
  • Fla: Alright I'm on.
  • Fla: And yes I'm staying on your server.
  • Son: hello
  • Bro: hola
  • Son: hi
  • Bro: server help please
  • Bro: what ave you done!
  • Son: sorry everyone
  • Fla: Sonue its totally fine it was just an accident accidents can happen.
  • Fla: And BroBrine its gonna be okay the server should come back up in a bit.
  • Bro: ik im not 10
  • Bal: was taht an insult to me?
  • Bal: xD
  • Bal: i'm kidding
  • Fla: Pff
  • Fla: :)
  • Bal: rodol you make Michal's topic sound soooo sincere
  • Bal: hte post you made
  • Bal: at the end
  • Bal: "We used to have fun on the forums"
  • Bal: what changed that?
  • SEN: please answer my question How play in the servers
  • Fla: Ballistic please put your server up.
  • Bal: ok
  • Bal: SENSEI what ya need?
  • Bal: hi undead
  • Bal: wazup
  • The: can you teach me more a that thing what u was doing yesterday
  • Bal: sure
  • Bro: im on the server
  • Rod: We are on the server now
  • Rod: Winter Olympics!
  • Kla: Im back from my disappearance
  • Kla: ive been gone for many moons
  • Mic: HI Klaus
  • Mic: Go to the outpost police topic please
  • Mic: hi rodol
  • Pyr: I hate Feb 14....
  • Bro: can tell me what is going on?
  • kb2: Hello
  • kb2: Hell9*
  • kb2: I am n9w here.
  • kb2: I h9pe y9u guys didnt miss me t99 much
  • Bal: I forgot about you kb xD
  • Bal: rodol i have a question?
  • Bal: rodol i have a question***
  • Bal: can forum moderators merge posts? I have been seeing this a lot.
  • Bal: People would create two seperate short posts at the same exact time
  • Bal: so if they had the ability to merge posts maybe that wouldn't happen as often
  • Rod: Yes, but its glitchy
  • Bal: ok thanks
  • Bal: maybe alternatively copy the post, delete it. Click edit then paste it?
  • The: YAY DAY 15
  • The: i'm an op
  • Bal: :D
  • Bal: Pyro, he takes things seriously i know yuo said that but this is a joke
  • Bal: oh wait it went away :(
  • Pyr: Chat has died....
  • Bro: You sure?
  • Bal: hi
  • Bal: Sonue, why u so obsessed wit dat?
  • Bal: xD
  • Son: Because it is a meme
  • bro:
  • Son: 0_0
  • Son: krabs!
  • Bal: lel
  • Bal: Hi Pauwg
  • Son: Come on discord
  • Son: I need to talk to you
  • Son: Oh yea Mr krabs
  • Rod: New video is up! Game Dev #8: Character walking animation + Hexagon Terrain
  • Bal: say it
  • Bal: saw*
  • Bal: nuice
  • Bro: where is the rr city downlode?
  • Son: Donate to the children's fund? Why! What have children ever done for me?
  • Son: I don't care about the children, I just care about their parent's money!
  • Son: Who am I?
  • Bal: trump
  • The: does it say i'm an op now?
  • Bal: umm
  • Bal: let me check
  • Bal: nope
  • The: why i have been on this for over 15 days
  • Bal: I'll add your unit :D
  • The: :D
  • The: when the winter games is over do i get my op back the that sever
  • Bal: yea
  • Bal: it's already over
  • Bal: i'll op you when i can
  • The: k
  • Bal: crap, nvm
  • Bal: I can't badge you
  • Bal: Luke will have to
  • The: oh
  • The: alright
  • The: how do you get promoted like sargent to major extra
  • Bal: it's automatic
  • bro: It depends on your posting and activity i belive.
  • bro: Believe

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