Outpost Police Rank Status 45



  • lukep: Yes Unamix is correct, if you mean advertising a discord server here then it is breaking the rules (specifically the Advertising Warning ⚠️)
  • lukep: If you mean advertising RR on another discord server then that has nothing to do with RR's rules and more about that discord servers rules
  • viest: welp i guess nobody can see my messages? lol
  • unami: if you mean your chat messages everyone who logs on to the forums can see them
  • viest: oh... well im trying to get into the RR discord... i heard there is one?
  • SSimo: no i meant the rules of the dare
  • SSimo: when i said "im tekenetly brakeing the rules..."
  • unami: there are no rules against speaking another language on the forums however I would perfer you use english as it's easier to read
  • SSimo: ik it was a dare
  • EWMX1: Alright lukep, frost, unamix, thx for clearing that out.
  • Frost: Россия за жизнь!
  • unami: Russia for life?
  • Frost: Yep
  • viest: i wonder what the rival rebels server is on discord
  • Frost: https://discord.gg/bZuFwJ
  • Frost: There you go.
  • EWMX1: Can I join again?
  • SSimo: hey rodol i might have crashed ur server but im not positive
  • viest: frost the discord inv is expired
  • viest: ;-;
  • viest: hello darkness my old friend... ive come to talk with you again..
  • Frost: https://discord.gg/uHEDHPG
  • Frost: Shouldnt have expired. I set it to unlimited
  • viest: im in.
  • EWMX1: Weird, it says its invalid
  • Balli: oi
  • Lloyd: Wie aktiviert man jetzt den mod auf seinem Tablet?
  • Frost: Es wird nicht von Tabletten unterstützt.
  • Frost: Funktioniert nur auf Computern
  • EWMX1: R.I.P. my computer, I just got a BSOD
  • Sheep: I spawned a rhodes 150 Meter Tall and it destroyed everything lel
  • Balli: wazup
  • Rodol: Lord Vertice Never Flushes! 😝 https://youtu.be/mCgzB0knK74 The Server Battle footage is kinda ancient though...
  • EWMX1: :v
  • thein: im such a noob
  • thein: i made 2 useless topics just today XD
  • thein: pls delete my good morning and server play topics
  • EWMX1: Dont worry,just please try to read completely the RR rules
  • EWMX1: https://rivalrebels.com/RRgame/forum/t/rr-rulesrevised/
  • thein: ok sorry i will now
  • thein: i read most rules already before
  • thein: i just read all rules
  • thein: how do i get reputation bta
  • thein: *btw bta is typo
  • EWMX1: You gain reputation by being active daily, making topics (not spam) and posting comments.
  • thein: okay
  • thein: anybody wanna go to test server
  • Guy: andd i cant download the mod.i was trying to do it without forge but thats not possible.with forge i just get lost because the java files in the new update dont mix up.
  • Guy: netheir with minecraft.
  • Guy: well that was a waste of time.
  • Micha: Hi
  • thein: ello!
  • thein: does anybody want to go on the test server today?
  • Balli: Hello
  • Frost: No one really plays ot anymore. Most of us are waiting for the game
  • Balli: yup
  • thein: okay.
  • LolzN: Hi
  • LolzN: 💥
  • Frost: Hello.
  • nooby: hi.
  • nooby: who is allowed to know the test server ip?
  • nooby: just want to clarify
  • Rodol: Everybody, it is a public server the info is in here https://rivalrebels.blogspot.com/p/gameplay.html
  • Rodol: Also, I'm planning to record on the server, here is the info. https://rivalrebels.com/RRgame/forum/t/illuminati-recording-event/page/5/#post-17907
  • Balli: k
  • SSimo: got it
  • Lord : Rodol. Is it ok if I join your crew, be in your videos perhaps?
  • SSimo: lord anyone can be in the vids
  • unami: to be in rodol's videos you simply have to be on the server when he's recording a video sometimes he'll anounce it other times not
  • SSimo: he always announces illuminotii vids but sometimes not others like how to vids or vids like "lord vertice Never flushes" or anything thats not illuminotii vs RR
  • SSimo: to be on thoes u just have to be lucky and be on when he joins
  • MrQum: hi
  • SSimo: yo
  • SSimo: welcome
  • Rodol: Hey! I'm on the server now
  • Rodol: Thanks Simon, Luke, Ballistic and jojowest for helping me with todays Illuminati recording :D !!
  • SSimo: can u record next saterday
  • lukep: No problem
  • Balli: np rodol 😎
  • Rodol: To the FM, I deleted Rockie6969 account for breaking the RR terms and conditions...
  • unami: wait what did he do
  • EWMX1: What happened?
  • Frost: What did happen?
  • Rodol: Just a troll account :/
  • Maste: Ey boys
  • Maste: uh just so you know
  • Maste: the rival rebels rodol server is like officially broken
  • Maste: can someone reset the world
  • Rodol: New Map?
  • Maste: ya
  • Maste: new world or map
  • Maste: oh hey rodol.....
  • Rodol: Done! Hey
  • Maste: thanks
  • Rodol: np
  • Maste: hey rodol have you ever thought of adding vaults and bunkers to the mod
  • Rodol: just plier the bunker crate
  • Maste: face palm* good point
  • Maste: i was thinking stuff like the vaults in fallout
  • Rodol: Just dig a deep hole and plier the bunker crate or drop a bunker crate
  • Maste: ok
  • thein: lol i was away frm forum for like a week and today i hab so mutch to say XD
  • Balli: hey
  • BroBr: Well me my self and I on the forms again😐😐😐
  • Frost: Nonsense
  • BroBr: well it was
  • BroBr: XD
  • Frost: Im here xD
  • Frost: Rush B cyka >:D
  • Frost: Jk.
  • BroBr: LEL
  • BroBr: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXTJlH7g0tw
  • BroBr: >;)
  • BroBr: 3;)
  • BroBr: "My work is done"
  • Frost: Lol
  • thein: hello everybody! why am i saying this? i dont know?1
  • SSimo: hey rodol will u subscribe to my yt channel its SSimon909
  • SSimo: thanks

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