Rival Rebels Ranks Promotions are based on skills, merit, activity and leadership. Rival Rebels Community Moderation Program is organized in 3 discrete Units: OP Outpost Police, IC Intel Corps and FM Forum Moderation.  For more information go to the Rival Rebels Units page.

Outpost Police Rank Status 67


The Outpost Police Rank system is dynamic, your progress is shown daily.

The Top bar displays your accumulated activity on the current segment. (starts at 0% on the day of the status)

The bottom bar shows how many segments are completed or needed to be completed to rank up.

(solid segment = completed)

Currently, the monthly activity requirement to rank up is to post or chat on 4 different days.

(officers with less activity than that will not complete a rank up or progress segment)

Note: The arrow in front of the name shows a Rank change or progress made on the last status.

Ranked up (new badge)

Progress (segment completed)

Note 2: For the Elite Members each completed segment equals a new star, and 5 stars equals a new shield.

Note 3: In order to become an OP member, first you have to be part of the AD Unit.
When you accumulate 15 points of Rep (reputation) you will be automatically added to the AD unit and be eligible for the next steps.
For more information please visit this Topic