Outpost Police Rank Status 47



  • idavi: a rohdas is tere
  • airpi: david dont worry an admin destroyed the rhodes robot
  • Destr: Lukep
  • Destr: Do you remember me? Destroyer13bob
  • Destr: I told you how to apply for staff
  • airpi: i dont think hes on
  • airpi: gtg
  • idavi: i did destroy it because he was shooting rockets at my and airpigs base
  • unami: luke only revoke his creative if he is destroying the server
  • airpi: david is starting to lie about destroying mechs he says he destroyed alot of them and also he said that it shot rockets at my base and i dont see any damage and i dont see a single foot print next to the bases
  • unami: that is because I very frequently restore my server
  • airpi: hmm
  • airpi: k
  • lukep: Yes I remember you destroyer
  • Destr: Bro
  • Destr: Is the server still up
  • Destr: Do the Colonels still get op on rodols server or not
  • airpi: i made my account last night and i had 1 reputation shouldnt i have 2 reputation right now?
  • airpi: cause i still have 1 reputation
  • airpi: oh wait nvm
  • airpi: dont answer my question
  • Destr: where to get HBMS mod?
  • Destr: got it nvm
  • Destr: Also when do you get op on Un's server
  • unami: dsetroyer just tell me your username and I'll op you
  • unami: as long as you promise not to destroy my server remember it's a BUILDING server not a pvp server
  • idavi: i like building stuff
  • idavi: unami can i have op pls
  • unami: unfortunately not unless you pass the admin test and have 15 rep
  • idavi: waht is the admin test
  • unami: it is a 10 question test given to see if one is ready to be admin or not in order to take the test you must first have 15 points of rep
  • idavi: how to get rep
  • SSimo: u get 1 every day u r active
  • idavi: oh
  • idavi: help i cant play minecraft it crashes wiht forge
  • Frost: We cant help if we dont get a crash report...
  • airpi: ^ correct
  • Balli: unamix
  • Balli: could you get Archimedes ships mod?
  • Balli: on the server
  • unami: no I can't like I said HBM's mod being on my server is already pushing it adding a third mod that's completely unrelated to RR would not be a good idea
  • thein: hey can anybody play unamix's server with me?
  • thein: unamix your cube is destroyed
  • thein: is the status update today?
  • Frost: Not till the 11th i think
  • thein: ok
  • idavi: thein
  • idavi: i join unamix and evrything is destroyd #R.I.P tacohorn
  • lukep: Hey unamix you’re server is broken
  • lukep: Red says to go in console and type /setidletimeout 0
  • unami: ok what did that do
  • thein: can anybody meet me on unamix's server and give me the officer pass?
  • thein: i have 1st LT so
  • unami: yes meet me on my server and I'll tell you the officer pass
  • coder: anyone alive
  • coder: good to hear.
  • coder: oh yeah btw unamix your server crashed hours ago you need to restart it
  • thein: can anybody play unamix's server with me?
  • idavi: im
  • idavi: it crashed
  • Maste: @idavi turn down you render distance
  • Maste: anyone wanna go on the server then mention me
  • coder: anyone here
  • coder: good to hear.
  • Frost: Forum is dead.
  • idavi: who wahnts to play on unamix wiht me
  • SSimo: is unamix's server dead
  • unami: no it just wasn't open it's open now
  • SSimo: oh ok
  • SSimo: unamix can u make a back up of the server
  • coder: anyone alive
  • coder: good to hear
  • Frost: Red please stop spamming that...
  • idavi: server down
  • SSimo: unamix did u make a back up?
  • coder: unamix can you reset my player.dat it's corrupted
  • coder: look for a file called 912ec334-e920-4dd7-8338-4d9b2d42e0a1.dat in the playerdata folder in the world folder
  • SSimo: unamix i joined the server then it said server closed
  • unami: open now
  • SSimo: ok and did u make a backup like i asked?
  • SSimo: nvm
  • Frost: Rip Net Neutrality :(
  • xXblu: It's not dead yet, still has to get through congress
  • lukep: Lol I called my senator on my way home
  • lukep: Also it’s only for Americans
  • SSimo: whats Net Neutrality?
  • airpi: -6 days untill being able to apply for admin (6 days untill 15 reputation) excitment intensifys-
  • Rodol: Net neutrality means that Internet service providers must treat all data on the Internet the same, and not discriminate or charge differently by user, content, website, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or method of communication.
  • thein: net neutrality is gone now..... no moar OP steam sales....... ;-;
  • thein: does anybody want to go on unamix's server
  • SSimo: ok thanks rodol
  • SSimo: thein im on
  • thein: kk
  • thein: im back on does anybody want to come
  • SSimo: ill come on
  • thein: what the heck just happened?!
  • Yakna: Hey. If i managed to use the roda, can i do something to only shoot a specific thing?
  • Yakna: Like, only shooting projectiles?
  • thein: thats not possible srry
  • SSimo: unamix i think ur server is down
  • EWMX1: Sup guys
  • EWMX1: Long time I dont see you
  • SSimo: hey rodol or luke can i op EWMX1 on rodols server
  • SSimo: nvm
  • thein: what happened
  • thein: unamix your server is offline
  • Skyru: net neutrality got repealed
  • EWMX1: Rip net neutrality
  • SSimo: @unamix can u start ur server
  • lukep: Wither is is only for America
  • EWMX1: I have understood that America is a continent
  • EWMX1: So is net neutrality going to die in ALL America?
  • mlgfa: oh my goodness oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • mlgfa: R.I.P Net Nerutrality
  • lukep: America the country
  • lukep: The USA
  • EWMX1: Ok
  • EWMX1: America is NOT a country
  • EWMX1: Learn that lukep
  • EWMX1: 🅱oneless Pizza

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