Outpost Police Rank Status 36



  • Bal: lol that joke
  • Son: Yea I got bored so
  • Son: I wrote about cheeto dust
  • Bal: >:9
  • Bal: no posts :(
  • Bal: xD
  • Bal: i'm sad
  • Bal: there's no work to do
  • Bal: :p
  • Bal: xD
  • Son: Ballistic
  • Son: Eat cheetos
  • Son: They r good
  • Son: And what do u mean there is no work to do? The is always work
  • Mic: HI sonue
  • Blu: Hey michal.
  • Mic: Hey
  • Mic: How are you?
  • Blu: Hey guys
  • Blu: Michal
  • Blu: I am upset i didn't get IC unit...
  • Blu: Why does bad things happen to me all the time?
  • Mic: I don't know to be fair. I could rant about why this happens but I don't see why .I just won't start another flame war
  • Blu: getting units is hard. especially not being ready for a flipping unit :P
  • Mic: It depends in my opinion, to be honest I found getting to IC easy.
  • Blu: :P
  • Son: Hey guys
  • Son: Terribly sorry about what happened, pauwg
  • Son: But, what can I say? A decision is a decision. That's just life
  • Son: but pauwg by the way
  • Son: Not all of what you said is true
  • Son: An hour ag9, you said the following "Blu: Why does bad things happen to me all the time?"
  • Son: Bad things happen to all of us dude
  • Son: Just different bad stuff, you know
  • Son: One of us can't get IC, one of us gets bullied, one of us may have accidentally killed a cat, one of us breaks everything
  • Son: I assure you
  • Son: I don't know if the examples above are true, but my point is that we all have our problems
  • Son: It is up to us to fight those problems and put up with them in order to withstand whatever problems comes next
  • Son: What doesn't kill me makes me stronger - nietzsche
  • Son: Anywyas
  • Son: i gotta go to bed. It is late
  • Son: By rebels
  • Son: Pauwg if you read this, scroll upwards in chat
  • Mic: HiSoue
  • Mic: Sonue*
  • Bal: Pauwg
  • Bal: if u read this, just be assure
  • Bal: Just act mature
  • Bal: for like 2 weeks will probaly be ok
  • Bal: then u will be able to ask
  • Bal: and i will make your decision with the admin of IC
  • Bal: Be mature in topics
  • Bal: no yelling
  • Bal: just mature
  • Bal: if there is a report, just don't say anything
  • Bal: and don't have 10000000000000000 posts
  • Bal: in a day
  • Bal: u don't have to reply to all of them
  • Bal: here let me let u think about this. You have 1085 posts in about 2-3 months
  • Pyr: My Bday is next month

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