Outpost Police Rank Status 43



  • Rival: I'm Not Stupid.
  • Rival: I Mean What Is Next To Click On After On The URL,
  • Rival: https://github.com/rodolphito/Rival-Rebels-Mod/blob/master/main/java/assets/rivalrebels/RivalRebels.java
  • Rival: Where's The code?
  • Blitz: Its called look. With your eyes.
  • Xxmas: 😂😂😂😂 is lol 😂😂😂😂
  • unami: hey luke are we still going to meet on the server to discuss FM
  • Rival: 😒😒😒
  • Blitz: If you'd look you could find it
  • unami: hey rodol when I try to make a subcomment it doesn't work instead it makes it into a regular comment can you fix that
  • Hadou: Can i play the game, its my first time on this site
  • Balli: yes unamix, I just haven't had time. do you want to come on my server this time, I just wanna see the new update a little as I haven't played it too much.
  • Balli: it's on the 1.12 update
  • unami: sure are you on now
  • unami: tell me when you're on
  • Rival: Rodol Where Is The Code For And Only The Tesla Gun?
  • Blitz: Ffs.
  • Blitz: This is why good things die young :\
  • Rival: ???
  • Blitz: Y u no read??
  • Drage: hi
  • Rival: Dude. I Can Read
  • Blitz: If you could, you'd have found the code.
  • Scoll: Hello you people, i am back once again!
  • Scoll: I know i have some long breaks each time i am here, but the thing is i am VERY busy on another game too. But i'm back for now.
  • Scoll: But everyone out there, please tell me if i am off for too long and i will try to get better.
  • Rival: I Want ONLY To Copy The Code For The Tesla Missle.
  • Rival: There Is 1360 Lines Of Code How Am I Supposed To Find It?
  • Blitz: Look.
  • Blitz: Not that hard. If you dont want to look for it, dont use the code. Simple as that.
  • Scoll: So what are you two discussing about?
  • Blitz: Nothing important.
  • Blitz: Not really a discussion either
  • Rival: I Can't See where it is
  • Rival: which line is it?
  • Blitz: How hard is it to read?
  • Blitz: You are old enough to read. You cant just expect Rodol to just give yoy what ever. If that was the case the game would die very quickly.
  • matth: how do I join
  • matth: I am 10 years old
  • Balli: hey, just download forge, then put the mod in the mods folder in %appdata%\.minecraft\mods (once you download forge
  • Balli: then join Rodol.mooo.com
  • Rival: hey balli, Bet You Don't Have A Popular Youtube Channel
  • Blitz: Bet you dont either.
  • Blitz: Rodol did you update the site for tablet's? Cuz I can't see the time when something was posted now.
  • Rival: I Do In Fact
  • Blitz: Proof?
  • Blitz: Why do you capitalize every word?
  • Rival: I Spell Like That Plus It's Faster
  • Rival: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp9BiUYsDzMc59tCNWOiybg
  • Blitz: Only 3 subcribers. Thats not very popular.
  • Blitz: No offense.
  • Blitz: Subscribers*
  • Blitz: 3 of your vids have only 1 view and one doesnt have any.
  • DerpC: hoi
  • Blitz: Hi.
  • Rival: You Don't Have Any Subs
  • Blitz: I dont make vids.
  • Blitz: You dont really have views either.
  • Rival: *Snickers* I Have 4 Youtube Channels
  • Blitz: Uh huh... Hope you know idc. Nor will i be subbing to amy of them. That is if you truly have "4 accounts"
  • Blitz: Tbh i doubt you do.
  • Blitz: To Rodol: if im getting even the slightest out of hand lemme know.
  • Scoll: You are both getting out of hand. I can say that right now. This chat aint meant for arguing.
  • Micha: Just stop
  • Micha: This isnt going anywhere
  • unami: hey shane can you give me the link for your youtube channel I want to feature it on my channel
  • Blitz: Never said Scollin let me know if I am getting out of hand. Nor did i mention you Michal. Please don't just butt in on things when you arent involved.
  • Blitz: Second i dont recall this being an argument either.
  • Blitz: Now lets drop this to avoid fights.
  • Rival: I Do
  • Blitz: Proof?
  • lukep: Unamix come on the server
  • lukep: Later
  • Rival: I Don't Want To Spoil The New Viral Video.
  • Waddl: what viral vide
  • Micha: How come are you coder without knowing how Github works
  • Blitz: Rival it's obvious you arent a popular youtuber. Quit lying.
  • HbMin: what even is this conversation
  • Blitz: I honestly dont know anymore.
  • HbMin: that's the reason why i normally avoid the shoutbox
  • SSimo: why is the illuminotii recording event made so you cant speak wont that make rodol not able to tell us when he is recording
  • Rodol: Simon, do you mean you can not reply to that thread in particular?
  • unami: luke can you call me on the server again
  • Rodol: Cat, remember that Michal is FM, so his duty is to get involved.
  • Rodol: Rival the tesla is not just one line of code :/
  • SSimo: k btw i figured out the prob i was not logged in
  • Rodol: Hey, I'm on the server now 🎥
  • SSimo: im loading minecraft plz wait 4 me!!!!!!!!
  • SSimo: :)
  • SSimo: nvm minecraft is not working now trying to fix
  • SSimo: yay it work now
  • unami: luke can we go on the server now
  • lukep: Tomorrow morning
  • SSimo: what time and where
  • SSimo: i want to join to
  • SSimo: and what server
  • unami: simon me and luke are meeting on the server to disscuss me getting FM I'd prefer if you didn't join durring our meeting you might distract me no offence
  • SSimo: oh ok
  • unami: thanks for understanding maybe later you can call me and we can have fun
  • Rodol: 📌 Note: Currently, the monthly activity requirement to rank up is to post or chat on 4 different days. (now chat messages count)
  • Blitz: Unamix. You cant just tell someone they cant join the server. It isnt your server. Simon your fine to join.
  • Blitz: Rodol what would your ideal game engine be if you could pick any for the game?
  • unami: luke I see you are you ready to meet me on the server
  • Blitz: Just cuz Luke is on the forums does not mean he is ready.
  • unami: I did ask
  • Blitz: No you didnt.
  • Blitz: Also do NOT tell Simon he cant use Rodols server. It is not your server to say so.
  • unami: this is getting ready to go south fast I'm ending the conversation
  • Blitz: Uh huh...
  • Blitz: Don't avoid the fact that you said he could not use the server.
  • Rival: XD Your Hilarious Blitz
  • Blitz: Hmm?
  • unami: well simon I guess I owe you an appology sorry for telling you not to join you may join anytime you like
  • Rival: Hahahahahaha! Blitz You're The Funniest!
  • Blitz: Explain.
  • Blitz: Its obvious ur being sarcastic so please explain why.
  • Rival: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Blitz: So your not gonna tell me are you, Mr. Github. :]
  • unami: who is mr.github
  • Blitz: Dont worry bout it.

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