Outpost Police Rank Status 40



  • Fro: Nope
  • Fro: I have none.
  • Fir: Frost I do not like that word.
  • una: frost why have you been so negative lately
  • Bal: he hasn't XD
  • Bal: He is just joking, please don't state a comment that is not true
  • Fro: Uhh i am always negative...The forums only makes it worse for me...
  • Fro: And Pauwg idc if you like that word or not. I dont like things you do or say but im forced to deal with it unfortunatly
  • Bal: but u didn't say a negative comment
  • Bal: whatever
  • Bal: XD
  • una: rodol me and ballistic are on the server come join us I promise I won't eat you
  • Bal: ermm, rodol, i can't enter the server atm, it says "timed out"
  • Bal: okay, it works again
  • una: just a heads up I can not promise that I won't eat you
  • Rod: Hb, are you ready?
  • Qua: Hey una i just made a forums account
  • Qua: That was fun!
  • Bal: Yep quantum
  • Bal: Have a great time on the forum
  • Bal: Hey also!
  • una: hello quantum
  • Qua: hello
  • Bal: You participated in a video, you will get the leader pass
  • Bal: for helping advertising our server by participating
  • Bal: I forgot it, well because it's long
  • una: I remember it come on the server
  • Qua: anyone on?
  • una: I will come on'
  • una: I am on
  • una: and I have to go sorry
  • Bal: hi
  • una: hi ballistic are you excited to see the video it's going to be so awsome
  • Bal: did wenukea nything in the video?
  • una: i don't think so
  • una: I am on the server though
  • una: I have decided to try and become IC so I have posted my questions in it's own forum I hope I make it
  • una: wish me luck
  • Fro: Rip
  • una: that's it I need a break from RR not permanent just a short rest
  • Fir: frost R.I.P? why?
  • Fro: Does not matter
  • Fro: Im leaving....
  • Fro: For School....
  • Fro: Eww...
  • Fro: School...
  • Fro: And people wonder why im always negative...
  • Bro: you don't have to say your leaving i off alot but thats because of school and soon work so if you have to take a break its ok
  • Bal: I'm confused, the topic that was locked by luke is now unlocked
  • Fro: I seen that Bal, i was thrown off too.
  • Fro: Bro...Im not leaving leaving xD
  • Fro: It says Im leaving... For school...
  • Fro: I didnt want to leave cuz i was tired
  • luk: I relocked it
  • Fir: hey guys.
  • Fro: Luke may i ask you something?
  • Qua: Hey guys, I am stuck in a loop i respawn and the GUI pops up but i instantly die of fall damage
  • Qua: can someone help me
  • Qua: WE NEED AN ADMIN TO ENTER /rr stopround
  • Fro: I cant rn
  • Fro: I dont have RR installed
  • Fro: 1 sec
  • Fro: Ill try to get on
  • Qua: Thanks
  • Qua: Can someone else heal? Fro did not fix it.
  • Fro: I didnt cuz i couldnt...\
  • Fro: It did the same issue to me
  • una: I will help you
  • una: I have stoped it for you
  • Fro: Rodol already fixed it... Please tell you re enabled rounds...
  • Mic: Hi
  • Fir: Lukep NOT a good idea to agree with frosts thing
  • Fir: when he said nope that already triggered me and now I'm protecting unamix from Frost.
  • Fir: and i wouldn't say that to unamix if i where him and unamix is not stupid.
  • Fro: Oh wow
  • Fro: Tbh i think you should get demoted or suspended as that is uncalled for.
  • Fro: First off, if you would learn to shut your mouth flame wars would NOT be so common
  • Fro: Second, you are causing issues by continuing the conflict
  • Fro: Third, by posting it in chat only makes it worse
  • Fro: Also might i suggest you stop acting so innocent because you know as well as i do you are NOT innocent
  • Fir: okay.
  • Fir: and one last thing I'm sorry.
  • Fir: its just i wasn't expecting a Nope from you.
  • Fro: Not accepting it...
  • Fro: I will see to you getting punished
  • Fro: What you did was uncalled for.
  • Fir: i don't know what to say
  • Fir: accept
  • Fir: i do deserve punishment
  • Fir: you where right
  • Fir: please punish me on minecraft
  • Fro: Nah i was thinking towards your rank or units as its happened too many times
  • Fir: if you where like rodols power
  • Fir: you could take my rank down to saregent or whatever its spelled
  • Fir: and take away my IC and OP
  • Fro: You know Luke has that power too right?
  • Fir: no.
  • Fir: i didnt
  • Fro: Yes
  • Fir: i am shaking a little
  • Fro: He can set ranks and remove/give units
  • Fir: cause this is my final day of admin
  • Fir: i learned my lesson.
  • Fir: Omg i want my OP out.
  • Fir: and my rank'
  • Fir: Cause i freaking suck at admin.
  • luk: Pauwg I am not asking for much I just want you to drop it
  • luk: And don't say you are leaving again or I will really get mad
  • Fro: Luke something needs to be done. This is what his 7th time saying hes leaving....
  • una: pauwg don't say such a thing you do not suck
  • Bal: :O I got my FM powers
  • Bal: Does this mean i'm not longer jr. fm?
  • Bal: :D
  • Fro: Congrats Bal >:D
  • Fir: nah im not leaving i just want to be demoted like pyro said cause he is right
  • Mic: Decide at last
  • Mic: Please make up your mknd
  • Fro: Pauwg, make up your mind. We are all tired of your attention seeking behavior and it needs to stop.
  • Fir: Frost okay but i kinda don't want admin anymore i just think now its boring

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