Outpost Police Rank Status 41



  • Test : Try relogging
  • Frost: Kk
  • Frost: It worked thank again.
  • Test : Np
  • Frost: Thanks*
  • Test : Hey Luke
  • Test : Try to flag this message
  • lukep: umm okay
  • lukep: How exactly do I do that
  • Frost: Click the name and hit the flag icon
  • lukep: Okay let me give it a shot
  • Frost: Sorry for interupting the convo xD
  • lukep: I clicked it
  • lukep: Nothing is happening
  • Frost: Did the message turn red?
  • lukep: no
  • Frost: Rip. I think it broke.
  • Frost: It worked for me
  • Frost: I flagged Luke's "no" xD
  • lukep: Is it working for you?
  • lukep: Oh
  • Frost: Yep
  • lukep: Odd
  • Frost: You flag a message it should turn red. You then refresh the page and the msg is gone.
  • lukep: Nope
  • Frost: Rip.
  • Frost: Why are there 2 luke's on?
  • Frost: Under the list of people on
  • lukep: I am on my phone lol
  • Frost: "lukep11804, lukep11804, FrostFireWolf (BlitzCat1.0 on Steam/R6S), Titancon, 2 Guests Most: 52"
  • Frost: xD
  • Frost: Say whatever happened to mvpmc0909, games4maurice, GT, and others? Are they just inactive or have they left?
  • Test : luke you need to do the cache clear
  • Test : the problem is the browser stores the javascript
  • Test : so it doesnt run the new code
  • Test : it keeps running the old no flagging support code
  • Frost: Rip xD
  • Frost: Hey Rodol you may want to remove Elwithers comment on your latest vlog. He is harassing you again....
  • unami: not again
  • HbMin: is something wrong with discord? the connection died on me, but my internet's fine
  • HbMin: i can reach it on my phone either
  • Frost: I will check mine
  • HbMin: it just stopped sending my messages, then i relaunched it and it stopped connecting
  • HbMin: my internet connection is fine, and the discord status doesn't report any outages
  • HbMin: that's bs
  • Frost: i cant connect either
  • Frost: https://status.discordapp.com/
  • Frost: Check that HB.
  • HbMin: "Major Outage" 15 minutes later and NOW they're telling me
  • Frost: Its on their status....
  • Frost: You didnt look up the status of it for 15 minutes?
  • Frost: I mean maybe not always but its always worth checking....
  • Frost: My discord booted up and logged me in.
  • Frost: Just now.
  • Rodol: Hey Frost, is it a new comment on my vid?
  • HbMin: he kept tweeting you as well, i assume you blocked him too? what a dork.
  • Frost: Rodol it happened yesterday.
  • Frost: It was posted under Sonue's Comment
  • Rodol: Yes I blocked him after he insulted me in G+, I thought he could not post if I blocked him. I still don't know whats his problem...
  • Rodol: @HB, tweeting? I can't see anything...?
  • unami: hey uhh rodol I always wondered why did elwither start trying to destroy the forums and so suddenly what happened
  • Rodol: IDK, I have no clue, and everyone I asked does not know...
  • unami: :I
  • lukep: Perhaps I could shed some light on how it started
  • lukep: So tensions between me and wither were rising
  • lukep: He says I became a b-word when I became a FM
  • lukep: Then when I took Cat's IC that was a breaking point for him
  • lukep: I assume you know what happened on the discord server
  • lukep: Then once you all took my side he got mad and started hating the forums in general
  • unami: hey rodol shane wants to use the texture pack you have in your videos can you put a download up
  • Frost: Why is it when ever i check the forums someone has posted minutes ago? Such luck xD
  • Rodol: OK
  • unami: rodol are you going to put the download up
  • Rodol: Here it is https://rivalrebels.com/RRgame/forum/t/download-rr-video-city-map/
  • Rodol: Is not finished but you can play with it, enjoy!
  • unami: thanks this is for shane btw I don't really use texture packs
  • Scism: Is there forums for the RR mod?
  • Frost: Your on it.
  • Frost: IM BACK!!!!!!!!!! (From my dads :|
  • Frost: Rodol....I might have to try Blender again.... Your tutorial made it look so EASY....I feel stupid xD
  • Rodol: It isn't easy, Blender has a steep learning curve, but it is very worth it...
  • Frost: Lol true
  • Rodol: Just keep at it, you can do it :)
  • Rodol: Dont let your dreams be memes XD
  • Frost: xD
  • Frost: Rodol hows the game coming along?
  • Rodol: Excellent, all systems nominal
  • Frost: Noice.
  • Frost: May i ask, how would the hacker shield thingy work? (I forgot the term xD )
  • Frost: I kinda wanna pick that for my Elite badge when i get there but idk yet.
  • Frost: Also Rodol i cant enter the IC private forums. It pulls me into the FM unit request area.
  • unami: that happened with me too I was thinking you needed to be FM ti access those rooms
  • Frost: Yea. Back when i had FM it would let me.
  • Frost: Either Rodol intended it or he didnt
  • unami: eather way I am kind of curious of what is in there can you tell me what you remember
  • Frost: Just Chat rooms for the different units.
  • Yo wh: ;)
  • Micha: To other FM please ban "Yo what's up :V" He is Elwither. Thank yoi
  • Micha: Also Una don't talk to him for your own sake
  • unami: I still beleve there is still good in him
  • Micha: This is an order
  • Micha: You are further escalating it
  • Yo wh: SEE? Thats privacy of freedom expression, you cant make unamix not talk to me, if he wants to talk to me, then he can
  • Micha: I am stopping this from escalatinf
  • Yo wh: Then let unamix talk to me, ok?
  • Micha: What are you trying to prove is basically this
  • Micha: You have nkt done anythjng wrong swhcuh obviously is false
  • Micha: Also hi Rodol
  • Frost: Una, Luke strictly said to NOT talk to him.
  • Yo wh: How are you today frost? :3
  • Frost: Dont bother....
  • Yo wh: Did you knew that is privacy of freedom expression? :3
  • Yo wh: Im not bothering u, i just said hi
  • Frost: Did you know i do not want to talk to you? I mean after the messages and all, plus me having to block you...
  • Yo wh: If u dont want to talk me why u are doing it right now?
  • Micha: Hey Rodol when does my Jr Fm end and when can I get full FM perms?
  • unami: wht are there small green segments on frost's black market topic
  • Frost: It means its semi stickied
  • unami: there were 3 but now there are 5 segments what does that mean
  • Frost: Still the same thing i think.

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