Robot War Games Rules

Robot War Games

Rhodes 3 Giant Robot, Minecraft Server Championship.

Tournament Rules:

– Teams need 3 pilots. (teams can have alternate pilots)

– Teams need a unique Name and Logo

– Offensive team names or logos are forbidden

 – Teams have to choose a Primary and Secondary Rhodes color model. (1 bright and 1 dark)

 – In case of clashing colors one team will switch to their secondary model for that battle

 – Winning team scores 3 Tournament points

 – Losing team scores 1 Tournament point

– If only 1 robot survives at the end of the match the losing team will score 1 extra bonus point

 – Abandoning the cockpit during battle will result in the pilot being disqualified for the match

– No additional weapons are permitted on the cockpit

– No teleportation of any kind during the match

– We use TeamSpeak 3 to organize the battle


Tournament Score Board:


Dyfe's Team Dyfe’s Team – Strontium model – Pilots: Dyfe123, Blackcloud, Mushy

1 point – 1 battle

 Rodol’s Team – Osmium model – Rodolphito, HBminecraft, Onim1si

3 point – 1 battle

 AlexBugs’s Team – Argent model – AlexBugs, Autogolazo, REXterminator

1 point – 1 battle

Wrecking Wolfram Team – Wolfram model – GTenMillion, Cauchi200, lukep11804

3 point – 1 battle

GIT GUD Team – Iodine model – CodeRed, Alfonso, ElWither

3 point – 1 battle

Sigma Nuker Team – Arsenic model – Onim1si, MVP, Destroyer

2 point – 1 battle



To participate or to register your team please use the forums

Next Robot War Games:

Saturday ?, 3:00 pm NYC time.

Rodol’s server IP:


USA time zone


First Robot War Games Battle Video.
2 teams 6 ROBOTS and lots of fun :)

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Second Robot War Games Battle Video.
New defense Shield, Logos and Plasma Canon :)

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