How to build the Tsar Bomb in Minecraft

On this tutorial I show how to craft, build, load, set up and detonate the Tsar Bomba in Rival Rebels mod for Minecraft.

The Tsar bomba is a huge nuke that makes little lag while exploding, and changes size according to the amount of rods placed in its inventory. So for limited computer systems you could load a smaller charge that will dig the crater in smaller chunks preventing freezes.


How to build the Tsar Bomba (The chip is not shown)



How to build the Tsar Bomb in Minecraft

  1. For a full Tsar you need the following items: 4 Nuke tops, 4 Nuke bottoms, 1 Fuse, 2 Antennae, 1 Time Bomb,  8 Hydrogen Rods, 8 Nuclear Rods, 1 Chip, 1 set of Pliers,  and lots of courage.

    The Tsar Bomb is present on all RR Mod versions since 1.5.2G. You can find them all  HERE.

  2. Start by piling 8 crates,  4 Nuke Tops and 4 Nuke Bottoms on a ‘wall’ shape.

    Wall Shape

  3. Then using the pliers click on the top front one (only) and you will get the nuke shell.
    How to build the Tsar bomba

    Access hatch

  4. Click the nuke shell at the center, on the circular access latch to open the bomb’s interface (GUI).
    Minecraft Nuclear Bomb

    The amount of rods allow smaller explosions for small PCs

  5. Now you have to set all the components into the right places, the Fuse and 2 Antennae at the front, Timed Bomb at the bottom and an equal amount of Nuclear and Hydrogen Rods to each chamber (green for the nuclear and blue for the hydrogen rods).



  6. Also since RR version 1.6.4H a microchip or Chip has to be placed on the lower slot. The Chip will prevent self-nuking in a Battle Mode Game. (Means: Blowing up your own team objective in a a PvP game). This feature also broadcast the Traitor attempt warning all players.  Tutorial: How to set RR for Battle Mode Game.

    Tsar bomb Minecraft

    To craft the different pieces of the bomb please check the wiki HERE.

  7. When all requirements are met, the bomb gets armed and the countdown starts.  Note: The amount on the load will affect the explosion and mushroom cloud size.
  8. If the amount of Nuclear and Hydrogen Rods are not the same the UNBALANCED warning will display.

    Tsar bomba fireball

  9. If the computer lags during the explosion, the Mushroom Cloud will not render. Only the shock wave and the fire ball will display. If that’s the case lower the load on the bomb and try again.

    Tsar bomba cloud’s neck and crater

  10. The crater features the Scorched Stone and Petrified Wood, two very radioactive and harmful blocks, that will drain your health while walking on them. The explosion petrifies trees in place.

    The Tsar is a surface bomb that scorches a huge area.

  11. The nuke explosion’s strength can be increased or decreased in the RR config file changing the following values:
  • Default value: B:safemode=true
  • Section: misc
  • Description: Set to False to remove size limit in order to enter big values
  • Default value: I:NuclearBombStrength=10
  • Section: explosionsize
  • Description: Original nuke.  Set any number. Experiment at your own risk
  • Default value: I:b83Strength=15
  • Section: explosionsize
  • Description: Stealth bomber. Set any number. Experiment at your own risk
  • Default value: I:tsarBombaStrength=24
  • Section: explosionsize
  • Description: Tsar bomb. Set any number. Experiment at your own risk

Note: I made “Safe mode” to prevent noobs from going too high on the explosion size and crashing their computers.

Happy nuking!



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