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The Solar Rebels - First Established Rival Rebels Guild

1 year ago
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Hello, many of you probably know me, but I am Stewy. I want to announce the first-ever established Rival Rebels, organization, group, alliance, etc.
I really don't know what it's defined as, but for now, I will just call it a guild as it is meant to bring players together and to create an alliance amongst RGiant players.


Now, there are a few reasons I am creating this. The first and most obvious is for fun. Bringing a bunch of players together and creating bases, fighting in combat, experimenting the game, etc. These are all things
which haven't seriously been brought to light.

This leads me into my second point, doing this will most likely increase RGiant's player base and hold players into the game for a longer period of time. When you bring players together, it builds a relationship with the game, themselves, and their work they put into the game.

Finally, I want to promote an enjoyable atmosphere for the game and even for people who can't get the game and purely get entertained from videos. Creating this will bring to light many things to create video content with, which also in turn promotes the game.
Content creators will now be able to create videos for team wars, reconstruction (this will happen alot lol), base creation, experimenting with friends, and anything else you could possibly think of. There have to be at least a million things.


In conclusion, doing this will create another way of having fun in the rival rebels community, helping out future content creators or current content creators, and will most likely increase the playerbase which will result in more players and a lot more fun.

So, are you in? But first, let me tell you a little about this alliance.
We have roles you can decide to play as, and nobody ever said you couldn't play multiple.
I will simply list them here, I have them described in our discord server.
1. Supply of Security and Defense, 2. Nuker, 3. Soldier, 4. Architect, 5. Defender

These will all help in creating a sustainable Army parsae, and we will be able to expand wildly and strive above the rest! YEHAWW
When you join us, you can be a fighter, builder, design and set nuke positions, and defend the Solar Rebels!

Interested? Join HERE:

Thank you, good luck on your recruitment!
"I am Stewy"
1 year ago
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I would gladly join your alliance, we will expand together.
"I am Stewy"