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Modular Weapons List - Community Created

4 years ago
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As rodol described, weapons are also modular, their handle, battery, and accelerator can be switched and create wack stuff. Ex: An Einsten that shoots plasma (beware, switch out batteries too) just be careful with the stuff.
4 years ago
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Hey, I changed the title to help people understand what this is about better.

I'd like to share some of the weapons I've made with Bee.

1. The Rapid Fire Tank.
If you swap out the barrel of the punk tank with the Ein Sten rotary cannon, the tank will shoot rapid-fire and is basically a weapon of mass destruction. However, one flaw this comes with is its range. It shoots really fast but really close. The use of this weapon is extremely dangerous.

2. The Ein Pistol.
If you swap out the plasma glowing thing inside of the plasma gun (A-VS2) with the rotary cannon in the Ein Sten, then the Ein Sten will shoot short pistol like shots instead of the rapid fire it normally shoots. This isn't useful at all but like it's fun to play with.
3 years ago
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Rapid fire tank could be like a plasma bomber
3 years ago
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As shown in the discord, I made plasma turrets.

Pretty effective
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3 years ago
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yeahhhhhh plasma turrets
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