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Yet another new Minecraft server...

2 years ago
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I've made a server as well, with some help from Elite

It's vanilla RR with no extra mods, No Oceans.

IP is

Just an FYI: The IP won't always be running the RR server, as the IP is shared with a personal friends-only 1.15.1 vanilla server, read the server MOTD to see whether it's RR or vanilla

If the MOTD is "Blaze's Rival Rebels Server" then the server is running RR

If the MOTD is "TPP 1.15.1 server hosted by Blaze" then the server running is my whitelisted friends server running vanilla 1.15.1.

If the server says it's running RR, but you can't join, or want to play on the RR server if it's down or the vanilla server is up, let me know through Discord. (Shimmering Blaze#9306)

2 years ago
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Cool, I might hop on sometime, I hope it goes well for you blaze