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Alternative Payment Method

4 years ago
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So as a teenager I don't have a credit card. I am so hypes on this game that is want and need to buy this game. And because of me not having credit card I can't which is a problem. I saw secondary method by giftcard but which giftcards are accepted and how does that work. It would be cool if I could pay with paysafecard because it's very easy to get one in my town.
Sorry for broken english but it's not my native language.
4 years ago
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Hey Mr.Kurczak, I remember we chatted about this last year.  I'm sorry, but I can not use that payment method because It does not offer me the right security and implementation for this website.

Anyway,  don't you know anybody, family or friend, that has an Amazon account?  You could buy it through that person.

Also, your english is perfect :)  What's your native language?
4 years ago
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Oh hi Rodol thanks for responding. Yeah I should look if someone has amazon account or a creditcard. Btw my native language is Polish. I live in poland.
2 years ago
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I think the best payment method is Apple Pay.
It is very convenient, practical, you will not forget anything.