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Idea Suggestion & UGC Rules

3 weeks ago
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To All Users: The new Terms of Service make it legally safe for Rival Rebels & Rgiant to take your suggestions, here is the relevant part of the policy

Warning: all the contributions you submit, post, suggest, including UGC (user generated content) and any feedback on or to this website legally belongs to Rival Rebels, so be careful with what you submit because you lose any rights you have on it.
This makes it possible for Rodol to incorporate ideas that you guys have, without having to worry about someone suing him for having used their idea. It also lets us delete, share, or edit posts or buildings that you make in the game.
Also, be careful not to suggest things that belong to other games, movies or anime, you can not claim other’s ideas as your own. Make sure any suggestions you post are original.

Thank you!
3 weeks ago
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all the ancient idea + some new one
1- A turret custom I.A module Grade (dum.Half-dum.avrage.Half-inteligent.Inteligent.Avenced) they beacome more expecive as the grade evolve

2-Same for the deltoid maby add variations in the colors for the player to be able to reconise them

3-More idea I dont know if it is possible for you but un online demo vertions of the game (avelable and playable only via the web site) a ferly limited one graphic set on the minimal no multiplayer …. it’s all up to you

4-Weapons armor ship  subsystem modifications like  barrel ,energie charge, ammo tipe, grip

5-new combat aircraft fighter bomber interceptor scout and a type system (light medium hevy ) that add extra slot for specific weapons types

6-new deltoid class like (hevy fixer scout)... and a system were a scout serch player base and reaport it's positons to an out-post that will lunch an attack force to cruch the base if player don't destroy the scout in time

7-New deltoid formations

8-Deltoid colors panel depending on is level and type

8-combat armor with moding part  

To all Keep in mind i don't have a copy of the game yet, some idea can already be  present I base my self on the forum end video
1 week ago
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Rave 1 special suggestion?
6 days ago
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I vote we call the nuke rave the B.I.K.E or the Bad Idea Kamikaze Express
6 days ago
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This will be a masterpost I shall edit for all my future suggestions to enable rodol to use them.
for the workbench I was thinking like how the painter room is where it shows your 3d model but you can select nearby parts from a list when you click on a slot (which would be highlighted) to apply them.

For pliers you could potentially have a mode selector to have it prioritize a function,to have it search for slots only, or detach only, etc. That way you don't detach when you wanted to attach.

A variant of the cargo pod designed with a spitboy seat inside and a window that players can sit inside and look out to act as a drop pod for air deployment.