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Things we NEED in RR

2 years ago
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As you all know, rival rebels is still just in alpha stage, and not everything is gonna work right now. However, there are some features that we need to implement for better or for worse.

1. We absolutely need a kind  of lock on system. I know I have mentioned this before, but I am saying it again so I can clarify it.

2. We all could use a better and more reliable blueprint system. At the time of this post, it is currently primitive, and could be updated in the future.

3. We all could use this one: The ability to carry nearly all objects in-game. Things like hover bikes or pods. Also relating to this, we need some vehicles like the Corsair to be able to store more objects like crates.
9 months ago
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4: a server status indicator to check whether or not the game server is online
5: an in-game feedback/bug reporting feature like the one subnautica has
3 months ago
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6. some sort of storage bay on vehicles like the corsair would love if it was kinda modular(different modules to carry different things like a rack to hold rods)
7. being able to turn the Nuke bike into a double seater Rave
8.uh the old control panel ui for the Corsair