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1 year ago
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If you are an OP, EB, or TL say so in #support and a FM will get to you soon!

Please Read All the rules in the text channel #rules

Any and all rules will be enforced by the FM who are given the Forum Moderator role. Please listen to what they say unless it's unreasonable. If a moderator tells you to do something against the rules, DO NOT DO IT, instead report them to any FM Unit Administrator and provide proof. If you do something against the rules, even if a FM tells you to, you can, and will still be punished. If a FM Unit Admin tells you to do it, then report it to Rodol and the other FM Unit Admin.

We reserve the right to mute, kick, and ban any user who violates our rules, without warning

To Appeal a punishment contact Sour#2686 on discord. Do NOT Appeal on the forums.

By clicking this link you agree to follow the rules, and will not complain about any punishments that was dealt out fairly.
Forum Moderator Unit Administrator
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Expanse Bureau Director
1 year ago
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Ah yes, enslaved furry moderator.
Probably RR's only furry. Forum Moderator Admin. Feel free to add me on Discord(FrostiFur Whyler#2044) and Telegram(@FrostiFur)
1 year ago
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Bump! We're on discord a lot these days, just making this more visible.