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Why was I banned from the rival rebels discord

3 months ago
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Hello y'all. It's a weeb programmer(formerly elite_mlgbro). I noticed that the rival rebels discord server disappeared from my server list, and when I tried to rejoin, it said I was banned. I didn't break any of the rules, so I don't know if someone banned me on accident or if the server got hacked or even if my own account got hacked.

1 of da 2 only IC members
rules over 3 dimensions
porting the rival rebels mod over to 1.12.2

just a cringe weeb
3 months ago
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Hey weeb, looks like Stewy's discord account got hacked and used to ban 10 people. I reversed the bans and removed all of the roles from Stewy's discord account. Sour will be re-inviting everyone affected.