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Developer: Rival Rebels Studios. Owned by Rodol Phito. Based in United States

Founding date: August 15th, 2018

Alpha release date: Febuary 15th, 2019

Platforms: Windows, Mac. (Linux and mobile coming soon)

Website: (Game, forum, store, chat). (Game lore)


Youtube main channel:

2nd dev channel:






Rival Rebels® is a huge multiplayer sandbox with endlessly customizable gameplay and nukes.


Rodol Phito released his first software, the Rival Rebels mod, when he was 12 years old. The mod gained global popularity and became the favorite of many youtubers. Three years later, Rodol started working on the Rival Rebels game concept, experimenting with procedural terrain generation, prototyping 3D models and flying controls. In February of 2019 the Alpha version was ready and released as early access in a completely independent setup to crowdfund the development.


Rival Rebels is set in vast formula-defined maps rendered via ray-marching, a graphical technique previously not considered practical for such a central role in video games. Additionally, Rodol created a novel building system, and took a completely modular approach to all the vehicles, weapons, and tools in the game. He has strived to maximize a player’s freedom with every decision, without sacrificing software performance.

  • Weapons unlike any other: Ein-Sten, Plasma Cannon, Mark-1 Artillery

  • Photorealistic nukes with yield based on actual data.

  • Four vehicles based on a modular system, with more in the works.

  • A rich, detailed lore, documented in a 68k word novel.

  • Build your base: The Shaper tool gives you unparalleled building freedom, using prefabs in combination with basic shapes. Additionally, copy-paste and blueprint saving allows you to quickly create intricate structures.

  • Paint everything: Most items can be customized, including the player characters, ships, & buildings. You can paint, place markings, insignia, symbols, and styled letters. There are hundreds of symbols to choose from, and they can all be colored, scaled, rotated, scratched up, and outlined.

  • Detailed character creation. Choose between different head options, including a cat head!

  • An amazing community that has been following Rival Rebels since the release of the original mod in 2012.


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