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  • Tuesday, October 22, 2013 5:20 AM

Development has not ceased, I am still working on a rewrite due to various uncircumventable fundamental limitations with the game engine i used, Unity. Its going to take time, but I have been making steady progress. There is a lot to build and it will be far better than before.

1 month ago

Welcome! I've rebooted the servers, should be working now! Thanks for your patience.

11 months ago

Done. Thanks!

1 year ago

Hey! It's restocked now, thanks for the support and for being patient. :)

2 years ago

The Toyguy Song MP3 and RingTone!
Hi, I’m Rodol Phito, this is the Toyguy song I made for the video, Warning LOTS OF BEEP and Beeps!

You are free to use it in any videos or projects you like. Just remember to give me credit.

Free MP3 DOWNLOAD here!
Free RingTone DOWNLOAD here!

Toyguy and The Rival Rebels live at Rodol’s House


2 years ago

I set an Early Access Garage edition to My_pyramid_scheme (on behalf of a_weeb_programmer)

2 years ago

Ok, we've made the winner prizes effective.
An Early Access Garage edition for:
Irishbutcher (on behalf of Lampa)
And for a_weeb_programmer, a coupon to save for later.

Thank you guys!🍄 ✌️

2 years ago

The IWOcon 2021 (Indie Game Convention) Treasure Hunt winners are:

a_weeb_programmer ->

ACompleteNutter ->

Lampa ->

This 3 accounts will receive a Rival Rebels game Early Access Garage Edition:
a_weeb_programmer, ACompleteNutter and Lampa

Because Lampa and a_weeb_programmer already own Rival Revels game editions they will receive the prize in a form of a coupon.
Please Lampa and a_weeb_programmer reply to this post with which account should receive the coupon as a gift.

Also as a special favor, please write a review on Steam about IWOcon mentioning RR. The IWO guys made all this work for free and the good reviews will allow getting more sponsors for the next free convention.
Thank you!

2 years ago

Ok, do not reinstall, just delete the RR folder, make sure you are logged out and then try to login again. Please let me know if it works.
(go to %AppData%, up one folder, then into LocalLow, and then delete the Rival Rebels directory)

3 years ago

Did it work after you installed it the first time or after you deleted the Rival Rebels folder?

3 years ago