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  • Thursday, September 1, 2016 10:29 PM

Alright, I might be able to make it

1 day ago
New Ranks

So now that the system is unofficially in place, I have a few questions. First off, are there any systems that are currently in place to earn reputation points atm?
I can't wait to find out all of the possible ways to earn a ton of points haha. I'm going to start enjoying the game a lot more now, and btw, nobody will have more points than me, not even you Rodol xD. Right now though, I just bought all the way up to the Marquis rank so I am sitting at a solid 20-30 points.
Also, do you have any ideas planned on what benefits you will receive in the game based on having a higher rank and status? I'm hyped to see what we do have planned for the future. Merry coding Rodol!

1 day ago

Yea that should be great. It will help ease of access in the discord.

2 days ago

Any chance I could make this a higher priority topic @Rodol?

3 days ago

I'm building a house in Tyranika. It's looking pretty neat haha

3 days ago

Fun! However, the Solar Rebels will conquer! Haha

3 days ago

Hey, I changed the title to help people understand what this is about better.

I'd like to share some of the weapons I've made with Bee.

1. The Rapid Fire Tank.
If you swap out the barrel of the punk tank with the Ein Sten rotary cannon, the tank will shoot rapid-fire and is basically a weapon of mass destruction. However, one flaw this comes with is its range. It shoots really fast but really close. The use of this weapon is extremely dangerous.

2. The Ein Pistol.
If you swap out the plasma glowing thing inside of the plasma gun (A-VS2) with the rotary cannon in the Ein Sten, then the Ein Sten will shoot short pistol like shots instead of the rapid fire it normally shoots. This isn't useful at all but like it's fun to play with.

3 days ago

Haha, sounds exciting. I can't make it because of some of my extra-curricular activities, but I hope you guys have a lot of fun! May the best Rave win!

3 days ago
New Ranks

We are working hard to successfully implement a new reputation system. When we do complete this, we will make sure that everyone in the community earns the correct amount of reputation points that they have worked for but didn't recieve. I hope this helps out.

3 days ago

Sounds fun

4 days ago