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  • Saturday, October 14, 2017 4:14 PM


1 week ago

come onnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!! some1 join

1 week ago

Digital4RR wrote:

I cant get on it says dat fml mystcraft or smthng
dese r da modes u need
2 weeks ago

we shall expand our land through all of rgiant and destroy anyone who wants to liberate it. join us: or get nuked

3 weeks ago

sup hoomans. I gots good news: MY SERVER IZ BAC

3 weeks ago

oooooooohhhhh sry stew, Ive ben out for a while so i forgot about dat rule

now, if u excuse me, I got reading tu do

4 weeks ago

idk but lets start a communist alliance in rgiant (wen I get mi compooper back)

1 month ago
New Ranks

how du I buy ranks

1 month ago

but I luv communism

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1 month ago

and how is dis site NOT BLOCKED

1 month ago