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  • Thursday, August 2, 2018 8:24 PM

Does this happen all the time or randomly?

Also, have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting?

1 month ago

As shown in the discord, I made plasma turrets.

Pretty effective

2 months ago

Well, I think it's fair to say this event went quite well

3 months ago

How big would the download possibly be?

Gotta know if I have to delete some meme files of my phone

4 months ago

Ah well,
Eventually, we'll be able to shoot down deltoids.

What we REALLY need to do is get an aim-assist for the corsaire because we are screwed without it.

Also, if you really are having depression problems, hang in there and try to get rid of the world for like the weekend or something.
I have many exams coming up, I need to learn to drive, get college stuff ready, face my own anxiety problems and partake in a karate competition that I hate. If you can talk to a friend or relative about it, do. Enjoy yourself a bit, cause it turns out people will start to not give a sh!t whether you screw up or not. Everything passes by eventually and nothing ever sticks to rock bottom. Times of embarrassment? They go away (Trust me, I've been in pantos before... when I was thirteen and twice the age of every other dancer).

Just keep calm, talk and focus on getting through the day.

4 months ago

eite_mlgbro wrote:

but I luv communism

No, eite_mlgbro, no...

WE luv communism!
6 months ago

Stewy wrote:

How about a holster to put your nukes on on the rave bike?
I don't know where you'd put your legs but I'm sure
you'll find a comfortable position. Two nuke racks on the side of the hover bike,
or maybe like one of those passenger seats where you
have them ride on the side of you, but instead of people, it's NUKES!

"Gonna take my nuke down the Old Town Road
I'm gonna ride till my nuke explodes"

This nuke holster thing sounds like it's a delivery bike for nukes instead of the nuke bike in the game.

Should be able to do 'Pizza Time' but with nukes
7 months ago

some1sour wrote:

Change Fleet Admiral rank name to Grand Admiral

Reasons: Sounds better and more powerful

Just an additional rank:


Also, could a timer be added to the nuke dropping from ships? Just something that allows a quick getaway after dropping a nuke yet would require good timing and accuracy.
7 months ago

So just to be clear...

I'm getting paid a virtual currency to talk about anything.

Who wants to learn about Irish history?

7 months ago

Wait, so the points we get from being on the forums translates into in-game currency, correct?

7 months ago