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he is my IRL brother :D

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8 months ago

Yeah it has been 4 months. Not sure if I even want to make a discord at this point but might as well.

9 months ago

The editions currently for sale are "early access" editions of the game and all the stuff listed is bonus content you get. It is planned to have structures you can raid, not sure how close that would be to a dungeon though. When new game features are added they are added to ALL editions. These structures would be part of that whenever they get made. Quests are planned last I checked, they will also be added whenever they are made.

10 months ago

Since everyone else keeps making alliances now I decided I might as well make mine. It is supposed to be a group of people who amass ships and weaponry in order to seek an unstoppable conquest over the universe. Generally we don't plan to attack other alliances unless provoked and hold more of a "Big stick" policy towards them. We accept truces/ceasefires/semi-formal agreements and pacts on negotiation. The main focus of this alliance will be on PvE and the future raids that are currently planned.

1 year ago
New Ranks

You should be able to join the OP fairly easily once the Units board is finally added. Either me or Elite can help you integrate since we are the current IC members. If you feel up for it you can work your way up into our group as well.

1 year ago

Pretty much MrAnimator. Also Frosti I was on mobile so typing in this small box was really difficult with the pre-existing message. I compiled them just now since I have my computer.

1 year ago

No. When you buy a copy of the game you have it for the life of the game. There is some talk about possible other additions in the future such as a "Premium pass" or some other micro-transaction. These won't be necessary to play the game but instead serve as a way to get some neat bonuses and help finance the game long-term. As rodol once said "Rival Rebels will be an MMO, multiplayer means we need servers! One single payment forever will not cover next month’s expenses. The cloud game server is not free, the website SSL hosting is not free, Unity engine’s commercial use license is not free, neither is the e-commerce transactions (Credit Cards), nor my rent."

1 year ago

Hello. The game will not be free on release. Keeping servers up and costs of living for Rodol are a thing. It will be cheaper than the funders editions though. You can preview the prices and if you buy one you get that much money off of the other editions. So you can work your way up to tech-hangar when you have some money, or consider asking for the game for a birthday or something.

To answer your other two questions. Reputation is used as a requirement to join the Outpost Police as well as rank up in that unit as well as the Tradelords and Expanse bureau. It will also be used to make factions and serve as a secondary ingame currency alongside credits as the main currency

1 year ago

The ships I know of right now will be able to move and be walked around on but seem to have more of a air to surface attack method rather than air to air. So you will need smaller ships to fight them or just use one that is flying much higher than it. Mainly the bombing platform is what I am thinking of. That is going to be faction owned and made but pretty big (Not star citizen 100 player ship big) and drop nukes like a carpet bomb.

1 year ago