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  • Friday, January 25, 2019 7:15 PM

This will be a masterpost I shall edit for all my future suggestions to enable rodol to use them.
for the workbench I was thinking like how the painter room is where it shows your 3d model but you can select nearby parts from a list when you click on a slot (which would be highlighted) to apply them.

For pliers you could potentially have a mode selector to have it prioritize a function,to have it search for slots only, or detach only, etc. That way you don't detach when you wanted to attach.

A variant of the cargo pod designed with a spitboy seat inside and a window that players can sit inside and look out to act as a drop pod for air deployment.

6 days ago

I vote we call the nuke rave the B.I.K.E or the Bad Idea Kamikaze Express

6 days ago

Yeah it is still somewhat in dev for that. To see your own rank you just need to look at it on a post you make. The units ranks and members tabs are still WIP

6 days ago

Rave 1 special suggestion?

1 week ago
New Ranks

I don’t see why not. Once you can buy ranks you have the 975 honor you need.

3 weeks ago

As the current head of IC I will oversee applications.

The process is as follows:

Post your application on its own topic and it will be reviewed in order to award the correct amount of points, 1 to 2. Note: if we feel like your application is a 0 you may want to edit it.  Along with this application you would like to give links/pictures of your social media posts. They will be reviewed and have points rewarded accordingly, 2 to 7.

Then I will select a IC unit member or myself to give you 4 questions based on the online rules of  conduct. Each question is 1 point for a maximum of 4 points. You can and should review the online rules of conduct before answer the questions.

If you have a total score of 10 or more, I will  badge you and you will be officially part of the Outpost Police unit.

3 weeks ago

If you want to apply for the OP Unit you need to meet the following requirements:
To become a Sergeant you must own a Rival Rebels Game Edition and accumulate 10 Private points as follows.
15+ Reputation = 1 point, or 50+ Rep = 2 points max.

Answering correctly 4 IC questions about the Online Rules of Conduct= 0 to 4 points max.

Writing a short presentation/application = 1 or 2 points max (personal information is not welcome, and will jeopardize your application. Please refrain from disclosing any personal info in accordance to our Global Privacy Policy) Also you must agree to the Moderation Units Policy, and state that you agree, at the end of your application.

Promoting Rival Rebels Game: Rgiant in Social Media = 2 to 7 points max (Spam is strictly forbidden and will jeopardize your application, do not spam)
Note: the points gained through promoting are a temporary solution until the in-game OP training camp is completed. Until then I will decide how many points an applicant gets from promoting the game. To do so the applicant needs to write their RR forum display name in their chosen social media. (For example, -Hey Rodol I’m Luke from the forums! so that I can confirm that they have been helping or promoting for a while.)

So in short: You need to accumulate 10 private points to be accepted into the OP ranks, up to 2 points from your Rep, up to 4 from the IC questions, up to 2 from the presentation text, and up to 7 from promoting Rival Rebels: Rgiant.
Note: Applications should go in separate threads not here
Good Luck :)

3 weeks ago

Community Moderation Policy
Last updated on August 16, 2018

Certain aspects of the Online Services including but not limited to the Game may allow you to participate in the VOLUNTARY in-game moderation, bullying and toxic behavior watch, and player helping and guiding program (collectively, “Community Moderation”). For that purpose we organize these Community Moderation activities in different units, such as the Outpost Police “OP”, Intel Corps “IC” and Forum Moderators “FM” (collectively, “Units”), to perform in-game role playing tasks, including but not limited to shifts, work, patrols, arrest, rewards, awards, wages, raids, compensation, training and other fictional activities (collectively, “Duties”), in accordance with the applicable Game’s rules such us the Virtual Currency and Trade, which may vary from time to time. You understand and agree that regardless of the terminology used, the Game Units and Duties represent a limited, personal, revocable, non-sublicensable, and non-exclusive license right governed solely by the Terms of this Agreement and available for distribution at our sole discretion. Rival Rebels Game Duties, Currencies and Trade have no monetary value and will never be redeemable for any sum of money from us, you, or any third party at any time. Your participation in the Community Moderation Program must be approved at our sole discretion and is subject to the Termination Policy in instances we identify behavior we believe to be abusive, fraudulent, or not aligned with the spirit of the program. We reserve the right to suspend the Community Moderation Program at any time for any reason or no reason.

3 weeks ago

To All Users: The new Terms of Service make it legally safe for Rival Rebels & Rgiant to take your suggestions, here is the relevant part of the policy

Warning: all the contributions you submit, post, suggest, including UGC (user generated content) and any feedback on or to this website legally belongs to Rival Rebels, so be careful with what you submit because you lose any rights you have on it.
This makes it possible for Rodol to incorporate ideas that you guys have, without having to worry about someone suing him for having used their idea. It also lets us delete, share, or edit posts or buildings that you make in the game.
Also, be careful not to suggest things that belong to other games, movies or anime, you can not claim other’s ideas as your own. Make sure any suggestions you post are original.

Thank you!

3 weeks ago

Might hop on at some point.

4 weeks ago