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  • Sunday, July 28, 2019 4:37 PM

1)Can't stand for the trans system. I realy like te new page it look far more atractive. do you got a R date for the system ? 2)(P.S i know it's not the good sections for this but a dev/staff chat coud be a good idea in my opignion)
3) i start cotnacting the french yt to know if he is intrusted in making a presentations of the game after the frame is out

2 years ago

Well No problem I was a bit questioning my capacity for a book... any error on a book can't be change so better if done by a professional enteprise.
P.S When the frame is out

3 years ago

Hi Rodol did I'am suposed to do it too ?
if yes no need to sent it got the paper edd comming in a bit

3 years ago

Hi Welcome to the RR forum I am Black_Darte The forum french trenslator I hope you will enjoy your stay you can by a fonder edition if you wish to help the dev of the game or if you have a good sentax you can post as the italian trenslator.

3 years ago

@Rhodes3 I honly entand to traduce if french as i'am not entanding to do other theh this one as I dont have any knowledge in other language then french english and the very basic for spanish and belgian but far to be able to do it my self but feel free to take the post for the german as long as you follow the rules set up by the "boss"

3 years ago

@Thebobcat the site dose not support them at the moment but it will in a future update keep them in your computer and subscribe to this topic and you will be notified when ready

3 years ago

@rodol noted and agreed but some questions
1) The "deal" we have pass is steal in mesure
2) can i have all in game text on a join file don't care the support
3)How i procead to geave you the alrady done trenslation
4) do we will have spetial icon for the job it will do fine if the deal is no more
PS take time the main game and site are more important the translations frame
it can be put on the back for a time it's not like you are notified all the time for it.    
As alway sory for my avreage eng my French is far better

3 years ago

Not 100% sure but i coud be a lack of RAM of your server form what i see you have only 1GB of RAM but you will need more try to allow more like 4 or 5 GB it will probably solve your problem

3 years ago

all the ancient idea + some new one
1- A turret custom I.A module Grade (dum.Half-dum.avrage.Half-inteligent.Inteligent.Avenced) they beacome more expecive as the grade evolve

2-Same for the deltoid maby add variations in the colors for the player to be able to reconise them

3-More idea I dont know if it is possible for you but un online demo vertions of the game (avelable and playable only via the web site) a ferly limited one graphic set on the minimal no multiplayer …. it’s all up to you

4-Weapons armor ship  subsystem modifications like  barrel ,energie charge, ammo tipe, grip

5-new combat aircraft fighter bomber interceptor scout and a type system (light medium hevy ) that add extra slot for specific weapons types

6-new deltoid class like (hevy fixer scout)... and a system were a scout serch player base and reaport it's positons to an out-post that will lunch an attack force to cruch the base if player don't destroy the scout in time

7-New deltoid formations

8-Deltoid colors panel depending on is level and type

8-combat armor with moding part  

To all Keep in mind i don't have a copy of the game yet, some idea can already be  present I base my self on the forum end video

3 years ago