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  • Monday, November 18, 2019 3:53 AM

loop8000 wrote:

Hello. The game will not be free on release. Keeping servers up and costs of living for Rodol are a thing. It will be cheaper than the funders editions though. You can preview the prices and if you buy one you get that much money off of the other editions. So you can work your way up to tech-hangar when you have some money, or consider asking for the game for a birthday or something.

will i have to get a membership/pay monthly/weekly?
4 years ago

P.S it would make sense to make the game purchase only so you could get some **money** off of it but at the same time it would make some people un-happy

4 years ago

im an old viewer from like a year ago and i was checking to see the progress that has been made and so far quiet a bit has been added.

i was wondering, when the game updates in full release will the game be free? or will we have to pay for it?
im asking this question cause im really hopeing its free cause i really dont have a lot of money (aka no money at all)
i dont mean to sound greedy at all! i just really want the game cause its the only mmo rpg that has free raoming WITH NUKES!!!
it would mean a lot to me if i were to be able to get it...

plus in the future im going to get a new pc for Christmas (maybe)
so not only i would have the game, it would run faster and i would be able to record it for YouTube (yes i have a YouTube channel that go's by the name of thenoobmann <the two N's intended you have to have the two N's to find me)

and if the game is/will be free then let me know.

it would make me really happy

btw what does reputasion mean? and what are credits for? O-o

4 years ago