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  • Wednesday, December 25, 2019 2:54 PM

New event

21 hours ago
New Ranks

I read the book,but the ranks page is missing some (in lore) ranks like enforcer

1 day ago
New Ranks

Thanks ill take the offer, but i figured out the reason i couldnt get OP from ranks is cuz i needed excess rep.

1 day ago
New Ranks

I have a problem it's not letting me buy any ranks

2 days ago
New Ranks

Stewy wrote:

We are working hard to successfully implement a new reputation system. When we do complete this, we will make sure that everyone in the community earns the correct amount of reputation points that they have worked for but didn't recieve. I hope this helps out.
can i have this now?
3 days ago

You need to talk with chat, but u can't use forum posts constantly otherwise its spam

5 days ago
New Ranks

FrostiFur wrote:

The rep system is in place as far as I am aware, just not the ability to buy ranks and stuff.

It's not, old system was that you get rep everyday u log in t RR forums, but that's ones on pause, and new is still not implemented yet because I still don't gain any rep
6 days ago

As rodol described, weapons are also modular, their handle, battery, and accelerator can be switched and create wack stuff. Ex: An Einsten that shoots plasma (beware, switch out batteries too) just be careful with the stuff.

1 week ago

Question about da forum post: How can u post an image from da compooper file

2 weeks ago

New event: Deltoid Downer!

5 or 6 contestants will enter Rgiant, and try to destroy merciless amounts of deltoids. Whoever is left standing wins! ;]

It will be Feburary 1st.

2 weeks ago