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  • Wednesday, December 25, 2019 2:54 PM

eite_mlgbro wrote:

I have no friends :D

Aren't I yr friend :[
1 day ago

RR community is getting bigger and will continue to get bigger. Very nice.

2 weeks ago

It's good to see you from a long time. Welcome back man.
It would be nice to see another member in IC since I'll join soon.

1 month ago

Oh yea this... Yea, this glitch is infamous. 85% of everybody here has seen it.

1 month ago

That's sad. Anyways, happy Pride Month then.

2 months ago

Sour wrote:

It's stupid that I should even feel like I have to say this, but I don't want something like last year to happen. Even if you don't agree with my community, please be respectful. If you don't think that you can, then just don't reply. Anyways, happy pride month!

BTW this isn't targeted towards anyone, I just don't what what happened last year to happen again.

Wut happened last year!?
2 months ago

joey wrote:

Missiles, tsar bombs nuke

Joey,missiles might be added anyways but not sure. They might actually use torpedos or smthng. And about the tsar nuke, we cant just add everything from the mod into the game. We'll probably get the theo, since it makes a brief appearance in the book. But more nukes will come so not sure.
2 months ago

Black_Darte wrote:

Happend All the time try uninstall/reinstall disconetc/reconect but no effect so yah don't now what to do i put it on my poor connections

Ask rodol, he might know
2 months ago

This isnt the go to for MC mod help, and you cant use detonator 4 nuke anyway. You need to do it maunually.
If u need any help, ask rodol.

2 months ago

Rapid fire tank could be like a plasma bomber

3 months ago