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  • Wednesday, December 25, 2019 2:54 PM

the reason no one joins is because the discord link has expired.

2 months ago

FrostiFur wrote:

Chat doesn't work What about it isn't working? It looks like its been working fine.

It works now
3 months ago

Chat doesn't work

3 months ago

When I make a cuboid platform on a building in tyranika, it starts to disentegrate

3 months ago

If you are bored, do something and post it here! Like how I tried to open a shop at Rgiant.

3 months ago

Wow, i guess we all are making factions.

3 months ago

Hello Stewy, I propose an idea. My colony, codename PLAGUE, needs defense, and you are welcome to join, however it is understood if you refuse. But extra support would be welcome.

3 months ago
New Ranks

When will the new rep system be in place?


3 months ago

Yes, an ever expanding colony.

3 months ago

Log 000

This is Digital4RR.
I have a proposition for all of you. We are going to build a stable, widespread, and popular community, under code name PLAGUE. However we can all suggest ideas and plan our new community here. If you have any questions or suggestions, please put it here. However, this is an ambitious project, so it would be most convenient if you could help me. Digital out.
Join here:


3 months ago