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  • Sunday, August 16, 2015 2:35 AM

Imafluffycat wrote:

Likely since rodol hasnt spoken since like 1 year and a half ago with this i mean that its very likely that rodol has scammed us all

As someone who knows Rodol well enough i'd say, this is an incredibly ridiculous claim. Game dev takes time, and with Rodol doing engine changes, that takes even longer. It makes sense he rather focus development than waste time making announcements for things we already know.
6 months ago

minecat775 wrote:

I want to create a mod (addon) for minecraft bedrock that will be a copy of your mod! and thus fans of your mod will be able to play with it on the phone! I think you don't mind! you don't mind?

I hope Rodol answered

As far as im aware, the mod is open source so you should be able to. I could be wrong though.
1 year ago

woodcutter96 wrote:

hopefully not, since buying games is always better than simply getting free ones, its the same way with music and movies, it helps support the creators, which, consequently, allows them make higher-quality content later

Not entirely true. In terms of the Indie market, i agree. However in the AAA gaming scene, they've been raising prices with lower quality products for the most part. There have been outliers like say, Returnal or Elden Ring, but a good chunk of AAA games despite now costing $60 to $70(which mind you were that high originally due to physical copies which is mostly irrelevant now since most games are shipped digitally now.) tend to release in a poor, unfinished state lacking the quality one would normally expect from that price tag. Some dont even recover.
1 year ago

Bumping up this thread for those who are interested.

1 year ago

AliceOrk wrote:

hello! I have a couple of good ideas about games ... in what topic would you advise me to express them?
This thread works fine, just try to keep it to one post. Edit if you have more ideas.
2 years ago

A few of us have rebuilt the discord, feel free to join here

2 years ago

Doing goodish, new PC coming in a few weeks, so im excited.

2 years ago

Thefightrr wrote:

Server still up?

As far as I know, no. But I could be wrong.
3 years ago

I believe Rodol needs to open a slot first. I will let him know.

3 years ago


My fiance :3

3 years ago