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  • Sunday, August 16, 2015 2:35 AM

Bumping up this thread for those who are interested.

1 month ago

AliceOrk wrote:

hello! I have a couple of good ideas about games ... in what topic would you advise me to express them?
This thread works fine, just try to keep it to one post. Edit if you have more ideas.
9 months ago

A few of us have rebuilt the discord, feel free to join here

1 year ago

Doing goodish, new PC coming in a few weeks, so im excited.

1 year ago

Thefightrr wrote:

Server still up?

As far as I know, no. But I could be wrong.
1 year ago

I believe Rodol needs to open a slot first. I will let him know.

2 years ago


My fiance :3

2 years ago

rodol wrote:

My bad, yes sorry!
No worries, thanks for fixing it. And thanks for this, I'll offer it to my fiance tonight :3
2 years ago

By Frosty, you mean me?

2 years ago

Sour wrote:

Sorry, I meant 2 years ago. To answer your question, there was a long time admin, LT Gen Rank, who started hating on the LGBTQ+ community. If you aren't familiar with the old ranks Lt Gen was equivalent to Colonel. Also, this was back when to rank up you needed to be active on the forums 4 times a month to fill a segment. To rank up to a new rank, you need to fill up each segment. If you aren't familiar with what ranks have how many segments you can look here.
Has it really been two years since it happened? Time does fly i suppose.
2 years ago