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Rival Rebels Rgiant

Corsaire Squadron

Rival Rebels Game

Rival Rebels Rgiant is a first & third person multiplayer game about technology & teamwork in a hostile environment. The game design, scenery, lore & gameplay are highly experimental, combining real science & original sci-fi, set in massive terrains generated by mathematical equations.

Explore Huge Maps

Fly around, land your ship (or crash it into) huge mind-numbingly vertical maps, filled with aliens and AI-controlled ships. Find a neat sheltered crevice to build your base and setup camp, protected from the bad guys.

Corsaire Squadron

Modular Everything

Rgiant gameplay features modular spaceships, hoverbikes, industrial machines, nuclear devices & sophisticated energy weapons, as well as tools to repair, reassemble, customize & build structures using an exclusive building system.

Always Nuke Everything

Play with nuke technology! Load nuclear element rods into the 1 kiloton hand Demolition Nuke, or the four rod Tactical EMP nuke, set timers, and watch the show, (preferably from far away). You can also drop nukes from your Corsaire 3 gunship.

Corsaire Squadron

Fly the Corsaire 3 Gunship

The Corsaire 3 is the first spacecraft I added to the game. It is a 2 seat, 3 engine Gunship that features 3 bays with a total of 6 module slots. It also features 4 double-barreled mounted guns and two pylons for cargo or ordinance.

Customize Your Ship

Rival Rebels Game features a fully modular ship assembly system, where every single part can be swapped out and upgraded individually, from engines and drives to the power system modules and mounted weapons.

Corsaire Squadron

Real Physics based Flying

The ship’s flying physics approximate the way a real hovering/flying hybrid aircraft would work, while keeping a great flying experience. The simulation has linear & angular inertia & drag, & the ship translates your input into the optimal sequence of thrusts.

Co-Op Gunner Seat

Go on missions with your buddies, and take turns piloting and gunning! The gunner seat features a full 360 gimballed actuated seat weapon system for easy targeting. Share the loot after smashing tons of mobs!

Corsaire Squadron

Build Your Base

The Shaper tool gives you unparalleled building freedom, using prefab shapes in combination with freeform primitives. Additionally, copy-paste and saving blueprints allows you to rapidly create intricate structures.

Paint Everything

You can paint every part of your body suit, weapons, ships, and buildings. Your progress through the game unlocks colors that you keep in your palette. Available materials include shines, mattes, roughs, iridescent, and neon lights.

Corsaire Squadron

Decal Your Buildings

You can place markings, insignia, symbols, and styled letters all over your ships and buildings to make them stand out. There are hundreds of different symbols to choose from, and they can all be colored, scaled, rotated, scratched up, and outlined.

Damage and Destroy

The game’s damage mechanism also works at a modular level for each part, detaching and/or deforming the 3D models on impact. Most items can be customized, including player characters, ships, & buildings.

Corsaire Squadron

Roleplay and Rank up

There are extensive RPG aspects: there is an economy, factions, guilds, governmental units, & players have skills and reputation progress. The initial release of the Game will run on Windows, MacOS & Linux. Later, console & mobile support will be added.

Customize Your Character

Choose between several different head options, including even a Cat head! Pick gender using the Female-Male slider, put on boots, glasses, and a helmet, as well as other accessories, all in the Skyclone. Save and load your customization presets as needed.

Corsaire Squadron

Agile Warsuit Technology

Your warsuit lets you parkour and go free-running through stunning high rises and skyscrapers to experience the most vertical game play ever. It includes a micro RITEG which powers up the prongs and Pentachoron display, and recharges your weapons.

Sorry, no Infinite Pocket

You can transport and recharge 3 weapons or tools on your back rack, like the Shaper or Ein-Sten, as well as two small tools on your belt, like the Pliers and Airbrush. Weapons and tools can be cycled through both hands.

Corsaire Squadron

Assemble Your Weapons

Weapons are composed of several modular parts, each defines a different characteristic. You can experiment replacing and upgrading parts on the weapon bench. The resulting weapon behavior is exceedingly diverse, and often unpredictable.

Dual Wield and do the Neo

You can hold two weapons at a time, and control them independently. You can even point them in different directions by using the Neo ability, which separates the weapons to enable lateral shooting.

Corsaire Squadron

Ludicrous Speed with Your Hoverbike

Fly at ridiculous speeds through Tyranika’s plains with the Rave Hoverbike! The Rave features a sleek minimalist design, maximizing speed by fitting the largest engine possible on the smallest frame that you can sit on.

Plasma Cannon and Ein-Sten

The Rival Rebels energy weapons are classics. The Plasma Cannon is a charge-up energy weapon that shoots a self propagating ‘plasmoid’, delivering a shockwave burst. The Ein-Sten is a spin-up rapid fire laser machine gun.

Rival Rebels Game Features Videos

Rival Rebels Game Lore

Rgiant Back Story – Chapter One: The Star Ring City. For more details and secrets about the Game Lore visit:

Crowdfunding - Early Access

Rival Rebels Rgiant Game is a huge enterprise and will take time to be completed. The table at the bottom of this page shows the Game features Road Map and the Completion Report. If you wish to participate in the pre-Alpha/Beta please purchase a Funder’s Edition License at the Rival Rebels Store to gain early access to the unfinished Game! It will help us debug the game, give us feedback, provide essential funding to the development of this independent game, and will reward you with access to special content. Thank you for your support!

What’s Included: Completion Report