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Shooter Edition

The Shooter Edition delivers lots of fun without compromises. You get a safe place at the Spaceport’s personal lockers area for your items and loot, a troop transport takes you to the front and you start battling bad guy aliens. Your entry level is shooter, or footsoldier. Attention: this edition only unlocks the hand weapons Tech Tree, at an unbeatable Great Value for lots of Smart Content. Later, if you love the Game, you could upgrade to a full Tech Tree edition that lets you progress through all of the Game's Science-Fiction based Lore.
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This is a feature summary. All of the features included in this edition are listed below on this page.

Personal locker
Pliers Tool
Micro RITEG mk1
Anti-Time Chamber

Note: The right-side column of the list below shows the competition status percentage of each feature. This list will be updated periodically so that you can track the progress of the game features.

SceneAccess1: Tyranika - City ruins: Extremely large procedurally generated map.60%
SceneAccess2: Rgiant - Ruptured Space: Extremely large procedurally generated map.60%
SceneAccess3: Spaceport - Human base: Main hub, common areas, transports to other sectors & bases.0%
SceneAccess4: Skyclone - Respawn hospital: Player customizer that lets you choose the colors of your bodysuit, and personalize the appearance of your avatar in a very detailed way.85%
Lodgings12: Personal locker: Basic storage vault for items in the Spaceport common corridors. Some breakable player items will survive death by re-spawning in the player's lodgings.0%
SupplyAccess23: Spaceport Charging Stations: To recharge batteries.0%
SupplyAccess24: Spaceport Weapon Benches: To customize or upgrade weapons.0%
SupplyAccess25: Spaceport Shop & Market: To buy, sell & trade.0%
Vehicle28: Access to the Outpost transports: Transit system from & to the Spaceport (AI cargo ships).0%
Vehicle29: Access to the Personnel Network: Transit system within the Spaceport (Musk tubes).0%
Machine41: Pliers Tool: Repairing, connecting & assembling modular system.100%
Weapon85: Shotgun: Wind-up short range energy blaster.0%
Player108: Bodysuit: Customized color suits saved at the Skyclone.100%
Player109: Female & Male Head Options: Hair, facial hair, eyes, skin, hairdo customizer & body gender slider.100%
Player118: Warsuit: Body electronics & weapons system.80%
Player119: Micro RITEG mk1: Long lasting passive portable power unit.100%
Player120: Back Rack: Weapon, tool & Rod holder.100%
Player121: Pentachoron: Skills selector & progress wearable device.10%
Player122: Anti-Time Chamber: Anti-Time collection wearable device.10%
Player123: Bodybuilding: Muscular mass progress system.60%
Player124: Cross Cat helmet: Helmet in customizable colors.100%
Player125: Pedra Boots: Boots in customizable colors.100%
RolePlaying130: Tag Display: Overhead rank, titles, squadron, fireteam, unit, guild, faction & username identification. Smart on-off switch.10%
RolePlaying137: In-game Currencies Wallet: Blueprint, Discovery, Rep, Credit & Anti-Time inventory.0%
RolePlaying138: Rep Points: Reputation reward system.60%
RolePlaying139: Coin Credits: In-game trade currency.10%
RolePlaying140: Discovery System: Elements, Particles, Exotic Elements, Technology & Intel collection.10%
RolePlaying141: Anti-Time Spaceport Bank: Most desired exotic element in the universe.0%
RolePlaying142: Buy & Sell: Through the in-game Trade system.0%
RolePlaying143: Access to Co-op Game-play: Team-up as Gunner, Fireteam, Squadron etc.10%
RolePlaying144: Access to Guilds: Player-controlled role-playing unions with a common interests to obtain skill boosts or power-up benefits. Creation & membership through Rep points system.10%
RolePlaying145: Access to Factions: Player-controlled role-playing clans with common interests to obtain skill boosts or power-up benefits. Creation & membership through Rep & Credits system.10%
RolePlaying146: Admissions to Governmental Units: TL Trade Lords, EB Expanse Bureau. Voluntary service for the GM game-masters role-playing organization. Membership through Rep points system.20%
RolePlaying147: Admissions to Enforcement Units: OP Outpost Police, IC Intel Corps. Voluntary service for the community moderation program. Membership through application system.70%