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    With the addition of these turrets that players can eventually make. What about the ability to specify targets. Like against the deltoids players or everyone kind of thing. In addition specific player exceptions would also be really nice to help with friends and factions. This could even be done with a “biometric scanner” which could be like binoculars that highlight living organisms and if close enough allows you to copy their genetic code which could be put into the turret as either a target or ally. Ships could also have a GUI where you can put a numerical code in to act as these exceptions for vehicles. These codes could be sent to friends to allow them to land and have the code be changed from the turret. Players could also try to steal one of these codes by entering the ship to read the code, stealing the ship itself, or even maybe a short ranged hacking tool that could maybe even be given a wider variety of uses. Another idea that me and FrostiFur came up with together could be a module you can activate on a ship that prevents turrets from targeting it in exchange for disabling all weapons on your ship (Including dropping nukes) for as long as it is activated with a toggle delay preventing quick switches to try and ambush. When you switch out or in you have a time where your weapons are disabled but can be targeted by turrets.


    or you could just have a whitelist and blacklist option with a little place where everyone online is displayed and a search bar.

    Because reasons


    Im suggesting admin commands for when admins are on duty. I have a few ideas already.

    goto – goes to specified player
    bring – brings specified player
    jail – locks specified player in a cage
    jailtp – brings specified player and jails them
    god – makes specified player immune
    cloak – makes specified player invisible
    noclip – makes specified player able to no clip
    slay – kills specified player

    let me know what you think! also these would only work if their on duty and if they are on duty they dont spawn with weapons/vehicals and cant use weapons/vehicals
    also some commands will be only avalabile to certain ranks plus to avoid abuse and spam. i would say rodol, if he chooses to add these, will decide the limitations.

    Because reasons

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    Dibs being the first one to go to Jail! :)



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    The idea i have (just a copy of my blog)

    1- A turret custom I.A module Grade (dum.Half-dum.avrage.Half-inteligent.Inteligent.Avenced) they beacome more expecive as the grade evolve

    2-Same for the deltoid maby add variations in the colors for the player to be able to reconise them

    3-More idea I dont know if it is possible for you but un online demo vertions of the game (avelable and playable only via the web site) a ferly limited one graphic set on the minimal no multiplayer …. it’s all up to you

    Like normal sorry for my verry avrage english

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Viewing 5 posts - 76 through 80 (of 80 total)

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