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  • Intel Corps Changes
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    Hello everyone!

    I have made some changes to the IC unit. The Intel Corps is now sub-divided into the Lower Intel Corps and the Upper Intel Corps.

    Lower IC will train new recruits and the requirements are first lieutenant rank, passed IC training and knowledge of how to work with people.

    Upper IC members supervise of the Outpost Police unit, they question and rehabilitate members, and and dea with internal affairs. The requirements are Lower IC, brigadier rank, approval from unit admins, and additional training by unit admins (if no unit admin is available then the highest ranked unit moderator will train) in internal affairs, questioning and rehabilitation. If all of the requirements for Upper  IC are met then they will be given unit moderator.

    The Lower IC consists of Shane, Sonue, Michal, and Unamix.

    The Upper IC consists of 0mim, Ballistic, Cat  and me.

    If there are any questions then please ask.

    Thank you.

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    but i’m not brigadier yet ^^

       Teaching my padowon

    It’s fine as you are unit moderator already.

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    Sounds great, but I agree with Ballistic, he should remain in lower until he trains more people and reaches the rank.

    Also, LukeV and Alex are in short leave, so they shouldn’t be included until they are active.


    Okay sure.

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    Luke I assume i am in lower IC, when i get badged.

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    yes you are in lower IC until you get training for upper IC and he said it here “They all look pretty good to me!! Great job! Now you are in Lower IC.” the quote is from the very bottom of the second page of posts in the IC application topic


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    I like this idea, makes everything more organized.

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  • Intel Corps Changes
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