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  • Max Pendragon OP application.✅
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    So for a short presentation about myself. I generally spend most of my time online so I am open to be on pretty much whenever. I have had previous small time moderator experience for a server on Terraria (Has been discontinued)  as well as a few ROBLOX groups. (one of which is made up of over 197k members). I mostly had to host events for these ROBLOX groups and fill out reports of hackers to higher ups if I find any. I want to apply because I have been following this mod from the shadows for quite a while and would like to do my part to help this new game grow and to ensure it is a friendly environment. My personality is generally laid back and I ask a lot of questions about things because even if things may seem simple I want to be 100% sure I do things right.

    I will be awaiting the questions I am supposed to answer.

    I hereby agree to the community moderation policy located at

    ~PS. I remember Rodol said I had met the game promotion part with my support on the youtube channels but not really sure what it was in specific. I will try to find this message or post.

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    Sorry for the late response, but the IC unit is in disarray.

    Max Pendragon, you currently have accumulated 6 private points out of the 10 you need.

    Presentation text: 2 points

    Promoting the game: 2 points

    Reputation over 50: 2 points

    Code of Conduct Questionnaire – Good Luck!

    1. If a player fails to comply with the Code of Conduct, what is the least action we can take?

    2. Where do you report abuse?

    3. What are the different abuse reports?

    4. What is FOG?

    5. Can a player’s user or display name include the name of a religious figure?

    You must answer 4 out of 5 correct in order to get 4 private points and enter the Outpost Police Unit.


    Sorry this took so long I was playing an MMO.

    1 If a player fails to comply with the Code of Conduct then the least action we can take is to issue a warning I believe.

    2 We report abuse using the link found on the TOS and then fill in the box at the bottom describing the incident.

    3 The different abuse reports would be technical abuse; which is all around abuse and posting malicious links and the sort, Personal abuse; an attack against an individual person, and abuse of authority; Abuse committed by someone on one of the moderation teams and similar sections.

    4 FOG is fear obligation guilt tactics. This includes but is not limited to blackmail.

    5A player cannot have a religious figure in their display name.


    Hey Max! I am glad you are submitting an application and joining our administration!
    I am very sorry for the late response btw.


    1. Yep, this is basically the lowest possible action against a user failing to follow our Code of Conduct. Nice Job

    2. Correct, using the submission box at the bottom of the TOS under “How do I Report Abuse?” Is one way of reporting abuse. However, if this fails, you could always DM a high ranking moderator on discord, or just through the Rival Rebels chat.

    3. Nice Job dude, nothing to say here, you got all the facts!

    4. So, I am going to give you the point for this one because it sounds like you know what it is. However, just to clarify, FOG is basically when a user really wants something from you or someone else, they use emotional blackmailing by telling you that they are feeling really depressed or that one of their loved ones died. Only in order to get something from you or someone else.

    5. Correct once again. No user is ever
    Allowed to use any religious, political, etc. username.

    Good work Max, you scored a 5 out of 5 on your application which puts you over the threshold of 10 points. Again, good work and welcome to the team!

    Warning: SEIZURE ALERT

    Thanks! Glad to be a part of it. Don’t worry about the late response. I am used to having to wait an entire week for responses.

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    Congrats bruh

    RRs MLG dude



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  • Max Pendragon OP application.✅
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