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  • Wednesday, May 31, 2017 11:38 PM

Use the !ticket <reason> to create a support ticket.
To get your funder role create a support ticket

If you are an OP, EB, or TL use the commands !outpostpolice, !expansebureau, or !tradelords command

All commands are view able by Using !list

Please Read All the rules in the text channel #rules

Any and all rules will be enforced by the FM who are given the @moderator role. Please listen to what they say unless it's A: a joke, B: Will get you in trouble or C: If it's plain stupid. Use common sense. If a FM Orders you to do something bad, DON'T DO IT. No matter what they threaten. Report it to Some1Sour#5568/FrostiFur Whyler#2044 or PM Me or FrostiFur on the forums. If they warn/mute/kick/ban you from the forums or the discord falsely contact me IMMEDIATELY! We will do an investigation and if you are found in the right the moderator will be dealt with and the warn/mute/kick/ban WILL be removed. However if you do something against the rules, even if the moderator told you to, the punishment will stand.

We reserve the right to mute, kick, and ban any user who violates our rules, without warning

To Appeal a punishment contact Some1Sour#5568 on discord. Do NOT Appeal on the forums.

By clicking this link you agree to follow the rules, and will not complain about any punishments that was dealt out fairly.

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Unit Requirements

Advanced Denizen (AD): +15 reputation.

Outpost Police (OP): You need to accumulate 10 private points to be accepted into the OP ranks, up to 2 points from your Rep, up to 4 from the IC questions, up to 2 from the presentation text, and up to 7 from promoting Rival Rebels: Rgiant.

Lower Intel Corps (LIC) : Sergeant rank, 85 rep, and question approval.

Forum Moderator Junior (FM Jr): Lieutenant rank, social skills, leading activity in the RR community, and approval from RR webmaster and all FM unit admins.

Upper Intel Corps (UIC): LIC membership, Captain rank, approval from unit admins, and knowledge of the job.

Forum Moderator (FM): Technical knowledge, colonel rank, FM Jr member, leading activity in the RR community and approval from RR webmaster and all FM unit admins.

Expanse Bureau (EB): TBD

Trade Lords (TL): TBD

This post will be updated as needed.

Ps: Don't reply to this topic. It will be locked as soon as i find out how. the new site layout is different. Any posts here will be deleted

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Nice dude

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